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Dawnfreak t1_iv20u5b wrote


1sxekid t1_iv27sl9 wrote

Nick Cannon made efforts to make amends (between making 10 children in a year of course).


TelephoneFamous2153 t1_iv5hu4h wrote

"efforts" = Donating to a charity, apologizing via social media with a crafted PR statement....yet still believing everything he said or typed that got him into trouble. Happens all the time.


1sxekid t1_iv5k5b2 wrote

Donating and directly working with Jewish charities. I mean either it’s that or nothing. I’d rather they do something.


TelephoneFamous2153 t1_iv5ms1h wrote

I understand, but they are doing it to save face. They truly could care less. "Take my money and stop crying."


1sxekid t1_iv5og3t wrote

Many are, but Cannon has done a bit more than just donate and shut up.


sluttttt t1_iv2awcc wrote

Apparently number 11 is in the works. /tangent