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IHaveGreyPoupon OP t1_iv294tz wrote

Some people are going too far, and I fear it could get worse. I worry about physical fights starting over drop boxes, too. As a nation, I believe we need to call out everyone who goes too far so as not to normalize this kind of behavior, and that applies to people of all political persuasions.


Divio42 t1_iv2aeod wrote

I don't think that you're going to find anyone reasonable that disagrees with the sentiment on its face but it's also important to realize that people are going to capitalize off this trend with bullshit.

They already have.

There was that politician just yesterday or the day before. Articles posted were claiming he was "physically assaulted" when he wasn't touched or they were conspicuously omitting any details about the alleged assailant which may lead the reader to draw false conclusions about their political leanings.

We need to condemn the actual violence but we also need to view every instance we read about with some level of skepticism rather than jumping to conclusions.


movzx t1_iv394bj wrote

i.e., ghoulliani claiming he was attacked because someone touched his back


Im_Pronk t1_iv3stma wrote

Why is everyone talking about this recently? It was months ago and suddenly I'm seeing comments everywhere


O0O00O000O0000O t1_iv6mqv9 wrote

Because that’s America in a nutshell. The powerful use the courts for whatever they want.

We live in a country where poisoning water warrants a $100,000 fine and smoking a handful of weed can get you 20 years.

If you are rich and powerful you can appeal until the end of time. And no media really calls a spade a spade because everything must be alleged, and pro status quo. It’s ridiculous.


Im_Pronk t1_iv7csjj wrote

What the hell does any of that have to do with people bringing up Guliani claiming he was attacked 6 months after the fact?


O0O00O000O0000O t1_iv7d613 wrote

Because Americas mayor trying to ruin someone’s life through the court system and almost getting away with it is sadly a theme in todays world. We don’t live in the land of the free we live in an overly litigious bureaucratic hierarchy where you can be ruined for tapping someone on the back and saying what’s up asshole if they’re rich and powerful enough.


Im_Pronk t1_iv887kk wrote

He didn't almost get away with it. It was tossed immediately. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Doesn't mean there's a case


movzx t1_iv84c4i wrote

Are they? I can't say I've really seen anyone talk about it.

I brought it up because it seemed like an incredibly relevant supporting example that most people would be familiar with.

I don't know of a more egregious political example of someone filing assault charges over benign contact. Do you?


Im_Pronk t1_iv853lc wrote

No, your example is better than perfect. Maybe it was just an odd coincidence that I saw that being brought up so many times. Honestly I never even knew about it until you brought it up.


DestroyerOfMils t1_iv45ogk wrote

>I don't think that you're going to find anyone reasonable that disagrees

Unfortunately, reasonable people seem to be in a progressively shorter supply as American politics continue to spiral into a worsening shit show by the day.