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Generally people of Indian origin do not need to go through the standard visa process, but it’s possible they still make up the majority of these cases.


AlternativeAd4756 t1_ix5wfct wrote

Right, and most likely they are punjabis whom the modi gvt want to punish them for their support to indian farmer agitation where gvt had to apologize publicly.

They are probably investigating every single visa application .

Visa backlog due to manpower shartage in a pure BS in 1.4 cr population country.


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E-visa was so easy. You only really appreciate it once it's gone. Crazy that they let it come to that.


Chicken65 t1_ix2f4am wrote

That sucks that they singled out Canada to not add back to e-visa. Just got one for my daughter, from application to actual e-visa it was only 12 hours. We are flying from the US to India. Canadians who can should consider OCI status as an alternative, although it's not quick either.


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Iirc UK lost the evisa as well. I had to go for work recently because my UK based coworker couldnt get visa in time. It would have taken him months to get interview at the embassy. In the US I filled out paperwork and was approved online in three days.


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Canada has high Punjabi population. Indian gvt is probably investigating every single Punjabi whether they supported farmers agitation in India .


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>Canada has high Punjabi population

Legit. My brother got asked if he could speak Punjab when he worked at an Onroute. We're Canadian British and white as fuck so I found that hilarious.


TwoFingersWhiskey t1_ixi088h wrote

ATMs/banking, driving and other common services etc almost always available in Punjabi in BC, as well as Mandarin. We are truly a diverse people. Here's another random fact - Punjabi is in the same language family as English. It's a cousin language.


maymaynibba t1_ix2xi4f wrote

Fair share of em are members of Khalistan movement .. legit a disgrace to Indians abroad.

They don't have the balls to ask for Lahore in Pakistan, capital city of Khalistan, instead they be protesting against India and needlessly stirring up trouble ...


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Don’t go! It is not worth the hassle, hair splitting stress!

7 weeks and counting, hundreds of dollars later, and I still don’t have a visa (or know where my passport is), and I leave in days.

If you have family and have to go (I am attending a wedding)… don’t, meet up in a 3rd country (we are going to Thailand instead… when I get my passport back), or give yourself like… 3, 4, 5 months or more to get a visa.

If you are a traveler… don’t go! It is not worth the stress and hassle, and cost to get this visa. Go to the other 180 countries Canadians don’t need a visa, or go to a country that needs a visa that can do it in a week (like china).

If you really want to go… wait till eVisas are reinstated.


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Possibly a stupid question, but why are so many Canadians wanting to get an Indian Visa? Most of the people in the article look like they are of Indian Origin, would most of them not have an OCI card anyway?


Ancient_War_Elephant t1_ix5n7ac wrote

Not if they were born here. Plenty of 1st generation Canadian children likely among those families.


dontRemoveTheHurdles t1_ix5scx2 wrote

I believe they are also eligible for a similar card? As long as your parent or spouse are of Indian Origin (don't even have to be Citizens), you should have the ability to get that card?

I was reading up a bit and I think it's a mix of what you said and people who would be eligible for the OCI Forever-visa but never bothered getting it. I imagine many Indian-Canadians never visit India outside of a special occasion, and with the pandemic being over there's a uptick of these occasions.


Lootboxboy t1_ix9lz41 wrote

Well India sure isn’t canceling trips to here, lol.


TOdEsi t1_ixacqsf wrote

Waste of time and money. The hoops that India makes people jump through to get a VISA is ridiculous. Been there twice, enjoyed the trip but not worth the hassle. Now we take our vacation and dollars in the Caribbean and its way more relaxing


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Cuba is a better destination anyways.


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Hit a nerve I see…..😬🤭


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I would suggest you to get your eyesight checked but I know you'll go bankrupt doing that as well. LoL