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Intransigient t1_iv90tar wrote

“Useful idiots” for Putin. 🙄 I wonder how much of Italy they would be willing to give up to an aggressor in the name of “Peace” who rolls in, rapes, murders, pillages and organizes fake referendums to claim they now own that part of Italy? 🤔


Jugales t1_iv9xxqo wrote

Ukraine is about double the size of Italy (233k sqm vs 116k sqm). If they are fine with Russia taking 25%+ from Ukraine, that implies they would let Russia take 50%+ of their country in the name of "peace"


Flash635 t1_iv9878o wrote

So basically Russia wants these countries to stop defending themselves.


008Zulu t1_iv99o08 wrote

It's the only chance they'll have to win a war.


Flash635 t1_iv9e2oe wrote

It's just like how China got all pissy when Australia was talking about getting a missile defence net.

They said it was a threat.


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_iv8wgaj wrote

About a year ago, this was Putin's set of demands before the invasion of Ukraine:

> The demands, spelled out by Moscow in full for the first time, were handed over to the US this week. They include a demand that Nato remove any troops or weapons deployed to countries that entered the alliance after 1997, which would include much of eastern Europe, including Poland, the former Soviet countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Balkan countries.

> Russia has also demanded that Nato rule out further expansion, including the accession of Ukraine into the alliance, and that it does not hold drills without previous agreement from Russia in Ukraine, eastern Europe, in Caucasus countries such as Georgia or in Central Asia.

> Those proposals are likely to be viewed extremely negatively by Nato countries, in particular Poland and the Baltic states. They have warned that Russia is attempting to re-establish a sphere of influence in the region and view the document as proof Moscow is seeking to limit their sovereignty.


ExplosiveDiarrhetic t1_iv9bue1 wrote

Nah they marched for appeasement


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_ivb2h9p wrote

We all know that allowing Germany to annex half of Czechoslovakia back in 1930's prevented WW2.

All of that WW2 history stuff is fake information. There was no war in Europe.



ivytea t1_iv98hbd wrote

“You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war.”

- Winston Churchill on Chamberlain's "peace in our time"


RhoOfFeh t1_iv9kly4 wrote

So they're demanding that Russia leave, right? Right?


johnn48 t1_iv9jym7 wrote

Of course surrender is the solution to peace. The irony is they march for Peace yet only offer surrender as the choice for the victims of Genocide and War Crimes. Their solution to rape is to offer no resistance and lie back, to assault lean in to the blows, to theft open your home. We all want peace, not surrender.


AMGS_Initiative t1_iv90twc wrote

I thought the signs were just instructions to the marchers to keep the same even speed?


eshemuta t1_iv9n4v1 wrote

All these people saying Ukraine should just “relax and enjoy it”


Draker-X t1_ivay3ch wrote

"Thousands in Italy march in favor of Russia being allowed to keep pieces of a sovereign country they won through illegal invasion."

>Student Sara Gianpietro said the conflict was being dragged out by arming Ukraine, which "has economic consequences for our country, but for the respect of human rights too".

This person is either stupid or evil.


Daredevilspaz t1_iv8zad7 wrote

I'm sure Putin will see a protest in a country he does not lead , has not had strong diplomatic ties or preassure from and completely decide to capitulate.


ItFromDawes t1_iv8zrl1 wrote

The protestors are complaining about their own government sending weapons to Ukraine. They rather push for negotiations.


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_iv92x1r wrote

> They rather push for negotiations.

Negotiations only work when one side has no intentions of breaking a deal less than 24 hours after signing it:

> Barely 12 hours after Moscow signed a deal with Ukraine to allow monitored grain exports from Ukraine’s southern ports, Russia targeted Ukraine’s main port of Odesa – through which grain shipments would take place – with cruise missile strikes.


Flash635 t1_iv983eb wrote

The only negotiation is for Russia to pull out , go back home and mind their own business.


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_iv98ie3 wrote

Funny thing is, Putin could have kept the DPR/LPR and Crimea gains, had he not pulled a "We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down” on Ukraine.


Flash635 t1_iv98lv1 wrote

He was on a roll after Crimea and Georgia. It was just like old times.


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_iv8zmw3 wrote

The protestors were calling for Italy to stop shipping weapons to Ukraine as part of their demand for peace.


SRDaugherty t1_iv9shih wrote

When Russia leaves, there will be peace.


Objective-History402 t1_ivaaxyo wrote

I don't see how/why Ukraine would ever negotiate with Russia since Putin has never been a man of his word. Putin would agree to 25% and then just use it for tactical positioning in a future "military exercise" until they squeeze Ukraine to full Russian territory.

If someone broke into my house and we had a standoff, no way in hell an I going to be like "yea go ahead and keep the family room and we'll call it even".


justforthearticles20 t1_ivcdhad wrote

Are these the same Italians that just put a Fascist government in power?


CreeGucci t1_iv9uavq wrote

They marched to not support Ukraine so they marched for Putin. The media is a joke


Mission_Strength9218 t1_ivb3nbn wrote

Excellent! In the first to peace Russia should vacate all of the stolen Ukrainian land.


WaltherFaust t1_ivb3ugu wrote

*Thousands in Italy march for genocide Fixed that headline for you


Zebra971 t1_ivbhj08 wrote

Countries should not be allowed to defend themselves? Seems like a scary position, do Italian want to live under Russian rule?


Macasumba t1_ivbu761 wrote

Are they chanting Pewtin Go Home?


NPVT t1_ivd7bh7 wrote

Did they March to the Russian embassy and start throwing eggs?


cazzipropri t1_ivf4pck wrote

In Italy, mindless pacifism is common.

Source: I'm italian.


Asimpbarb t1_iv97cuv wrote

Hope they crowd funded for ammo, meds, and other aid too.


greedyboy61 t1_iv9bsq8 wrote

Good, it's time for it to end


XPaarthurnaxX t1_iv9raxt wrote

Conspiracy peddling conservatives and spreading legs to putin. Such an iconic duo 😍


greedyboy61 t1_ivajq4m wrote

Fnrk will all be over in 6 months tops. Same territory they started with & people will start wondering what the $100 billion, less the 20% that they can't find was all about.

Twats like you have enabled the forever wars, paid for by your mummy & daddy's taxes for the last 70 years.


XPaarthurnaxX t1_ivaq4pu wrote

Yes Ukraine should just let putin take any lands he desires whenever he feels like it because othewise it's too brutal and expensive to fight back. Also I pay my own taxes you little basement dwelling turd.


SliceOfCoffee t1_iv9ro77 wrote

You do realise that Ukraine won't stop fighting if the west pulls support, in fact the west's support is probably the only thing keeping Russia from using nukes.


greedyboy61 t1_ivaicaf wrote

They will, they'll run out of money to fund it


thisismisha t1_ivapwn7 wrote

And that’s perfectly fine to you? Ukraine doesn’t have the money to defeat Russia by itself so they should just go ahead and get raped?

Well, username checks out.


greedyboy61 t1_ivbpul6 wrote

Well you can donate yours but most Americans & western Europeans need theirs to buy gas, groceries & heat their homes.

The US alone has given $100 billion in 10.months with another $50 billion scheduled to be pushed through congress by January

No US tax payer is going to agree to fund a war for $150 billion a year, that is making their lives harder & has no strategic value to the US other than needling Putin, who despite assurances from the US state dept isn't going anywhere.


GeoProX t1_ivcx9a1 wrote

Source for $100B? Also, it appears that you don't know that the US provides old weapons to Ukraine, not cash.


greedyboy61 t1_ivdgu4c wrote

The US shouldn't be providing anything to Ukraine, there is enough pressure on both sides for a ceasefire & peace talks.

If they want to fight on, let them do it on their own dime. It's enough already.


Draker-X t1_ivazbws wrote

Agree. Time for Russia to take all their soldiers and shit back across the pre-2014 borders, release all captured/kidnapped Ukrainian soldiers AND civilians (and Ukraine will do the same for Russians), and for Ukraine to sign at least an official "defense assistance" treaty with NATO.

That's what you meant, right?


[deleted] t1_iv9j91d wrote



Wrecker013 t1_ivaebch wrote

In political theory appeasement of an aggressor leads to more conflict in the future (World War 2). Appeasement only works when neither side actually wants to fight and is only posturing so less they lose international standing (World War 1), and you can just kinda fall into a war.