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Available-Camera8691 t1_ixn8ke8 wrote

Reminder folks are still dying from complications related to Covid 19


Daylightsavingstimes t1_ixopxx6 wrote

Yup. Regardless of whether Brown Jr. got one or not, boosters are especially vital for his age group.


SpaceTabs t1_ixoblvp wrote

He was the original blueprint for KFC but the Colonel didn't like the scale up quality. Some of the southern restaurant locations were very good with legendary food.

"ON MARCH 7, 1964, Brown and his partner, Jack Massey, paid $2 million for the company, keeping Colonel Sanders on as the genial pitchman. Brown launched Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets all over the world, and his franchising plan became the model for an entire industry. By 1970, the company was taking in $700 million a year and was the largest restaurant chain in the world - bigger than McDonald's."


DanYHKim t1_ixqwife wrote

>keeping Colonel Sanders on as the genial pitchman.

From what I've read of him, Sanders was only genial for a few seconds at a time in commercials


SpaceTabs t1_ixr7gwe wrote

He was upset about the quality of things like the gravy and potatoes when he visited restaurants. I think the franchise scale up was sloppy.

There were several sit-down restaurants in Georgia/Tennessee/Florida (Davis Bros.) that was a franchisee and had amazingly delicious food for a good price. It was one of the few places that had better chicken than home-cooked. Some were large and occasionally gave tours of the kitchen (mostly for women). That was probably the Colonel's vision, but what they got was cookie cutter fast food.


DanYHKim t1_ixs64hs wrote

They makes sense. The transformation to Yum! Brands put the bean counters in charge.

He's like a minor god in Japan. The story of the "Curse of the Colonel" on a baseball team is pretty funny.


johnny_memetic t1_ixsf1hz wrote

Ooh, I hated the Colonel with his wee beady eyes and that smug grin, "Oh you're gonna buy my chicken, eh?"


Dwayla t1_ixob44l wrote

Elizabeth Taylor's ex husband... He was quite the looker back in the day


who-dee-knee1 t1_ixpfyob wrote

His name isn’t Colonel Sanders? 🤨


DanYHKim t1_ixqw9gy wrote

Soon his body will be a-mouldering in his grave


colossalboom t1_ixo76mz wrote

Is the Colonel his Papi?