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Pimpwerx t1_ivb2xlc wrote

What the what? A former beauty queen lying to get conjugal with a prisoner? WTF? In Miami too. Plenty of eligible bachelors there. Why would she even do this? This is bizarre.


MaxV331 t1_ivc0nlj wrote

Men in prison have a specific appeal of danger but under control while in prison, it’s very appealing to a specific type of woman.


Unable-Seaweed-3641 t1_ivb7gp7 wrote

Damn..... there's illegals walking the streets looking for work. She could of gone to home depot. I kid. Seriously though I mean you love who you love. Shouldn't of broke the law moron. Watch... her community service will be at the detention center.


badpeaches t1_ivb8x4i wrote

That's not a punishment if that's where she lied to get into.