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gregspresso6 OP t1_ivad1yi wrote

>>A South Florida village commissioner and former beauty queen has been sentenced to a year of probation and 50 hours of community service for pretending to be a paralegal to get into a federal immigration detention center to see her romantic partner.


RTwhyNot t1_ivb7acf wrote

Seems like a light sentence


Pimpwerx t1_ivb2xlc wrote

What the what? A former beauty queen lying to get conjugal with a prisoner? WTF? In Miami too. Plenty of eligible bachelors there. Why would she even do this? This is bizarre.


MaxV331 t1_ivc0nlj wrote

Men in prison have a specific appeal of danger but under control while in prison, it’s very appealing to a specific type of woman.


Unable-Seaweed-3641 t1_ivb7gp7 wrote

Damn..... there's illegals walking the streets looking for work. She could of gone to home depot. I kid. Seriously though I mean you love who you love. Shouldn't of broke the law moron. Watch... her community service will be at the detention center.


badpeaches t1_ivb8x4i wrote

That's not a punishment if that's where she lied to get into.


NoStatic78 t1_ivb3usc wrote

Oh come on, AP. It's been over a year since the incidents. You aren't going to tell us whether her partner has been deported, is still in detention, or has been released?

Yeah, I know, it might not be completely relevant to the article. But as silly as we might want to make this, these are real human beings involved. And as someone who once had the extended nightmare of dealing with the immigration bureaucracy on behalf of a spouse who had entered the country legally as a child but then had her visa renewal denied for no given or apparent reason (while the rest of her family was approved), I can't help but feel sympathy here.


Ok-Brush5346 t1_ivbrvn7 wrote

Not sure if the headline is referring to the crime or the punishment


Losmpa t1_ivfl82a wrote

I actually live in this municipality. I had an instinctive distrust when she was running to get elected, and despite that I was still shocked at the brazenness of her criminal acts.

This municipality is confounding, as there are stretches of waterfront property sitting vacant year after year, when other similarly situated municipalities are prospering.

Here I’ll spell it out to be clear - several “causeways” connect Miami (the mainland) to Miami Beach (a barrier island) and this one appears ready for restaurants, a boardwalk and transformation into a cool place to go, but the municipally management seems questionably competent.

For two little islands with a population of about 3500 people, we have an excessive number of police vehicles, each optioned to the maximum, a police boat, and more seemingly misplaced expenditures. Great waterfront lots are vacant. It makes you question why south beach has abundant sidewalk cafes, shops and businesses, and then when you travel a bit north to north beach and north bay village, much it remains in a sorry state. Okay, that sidetracked a bit, but the village commissioners are of questionable competence, to be sure. Good bye and good luck, Ms. Stout.


theappleogist t1_ivaljzi wrote

Lying to get fucked. (W)ho does that? 🤷


S_K_Y t1_ivap09m wrote

Millions of people every day


LeicaM6guy t1_ivb6r6v wrote

[gestures vaguely at the entirety of humanity]