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[deleted] t1_iwnk1wy wrote



ElonBodyOdor t1_iwoxny0 wrote

AOC would have been raped and murdered. No doubt.


AnBearna t1_iwq264l wrote

And Pelosi. Thanks to Fox, all the brain-doners and Maga chudds think that the two of them are satan worshipers or pizzeria basement dwelling pedo’s or something.

God I feel dirty just typing that nonsense…


Erethiel117 t1_iwsjfrj wrote

To be fair, one is a brain dead hypocrite that lives outside of reality and the other one has been part of the stagnation and corruption in government longer than most people have been alive and is one of the most prominent faces of government corruption.

Not that either of them deserve to be assaulted or threatened, but that rage against them is entirely justified.


AnBearna t1_iwsmvms wrote

I don’t know. I’ve yet to see much reported about either person that would trigger Jan 6th levels of meltdown in me!

I’m not American, so for example, I see AOC and Sanders politics at work here in parts of the EU and it works just fine, so from my perspective neither AOC, Pelosi, Sanders, etc come across particularly extreme at all. In fact the joke here was that if Sanders was in Ireland he’d just be a member of the old ‘Progressive Democrats’ and if AOC was in England she’d just be a regular member of the Labour Party. 100% not extreme positions at all, but in America they are considered by their detractors to be so extreme that they are a danger to society. That reaction always blows my mind.


FalloutCreation t1_iwqsf4b wrote

Probably because Nancy Pelosi can be thrown in with the rest of those people


transilience-sk t1_iwqzq5f wrote

are the satan worshippers in the room right now?


FalloutCreation t1_iws351n wrote

Well those people are always around I’m sure. But I’m not sure what your getting at. But I’m talking about the corruption in our government and choices made by her over the years has not been good for this country.


Hall-Double t1_iwp4bdn wrote

Never imagined in my lifetime, I'd witness an insurrection.


iAmTheHYPE- t1_iwpkho2 wrote

Don't worry, you'll get to see a second one in a couple years, since Trump and his cronies (Hawley, Qbert, Marjorie, Stone, Giuliani, Flynn brothers, et al.) will never get indicted.


davidreiss666 t1_iwohil1 wrote

You're 100% correct.

A lot more of these people need to be in prison for life. 23 hours in their prison cell, and one hour for exercise while alone. No air conditioning, no television, no computers, very few visitors, etc. But their white, so they basically are all being allowed to plead to lesser charges.

These people are scum. I have more trust for Mexican cartel criminals than these terrorists. But they are all getting handled with kid gloves.


Smodphan t1_iwokktu wrote

I disagree. These people need to be openly mocked by the public, so they should have as many digital visitors as they want. Maybe like a zoo cam or something.


screamtrumpet t1_iwpgbaa wrote

How about 23 hours of exercise and 1 hour solitary confinement for sleep? We could build a nice outdoor prison in Death Valley with lots of black and/or reflective surfaces.


cas13f t1_iwprhlm wrote

Or just shot out of hand.

That's the UCMJ methodology for treason.


GargamelTakesAll t1_iwr2zw7 wrote

The assholes in Michigan keep getting talked about as "kidnappers" but their plan, in their own words, was to hold a show trial in front of the Michigan Capitol building and behead Whitmer after finding her "guilty".


Paddlesons t1_iwq4q1i wrote

Yeah, I kind of had a feeling how this would all play out if there wasn't at least some sort of physical assault on a member of Congress.


eros56 t1_iwnhocv wrote

..while the author of the insurrection lives in his Florida compound, plotting and scheming…


DrLongIsland t1_iwolv9e wrote

How does that saying go? Something about shits and negative slopes.


Halgy t1_iwpl5g4 wrote

He's not some mastermind who is plotting and scheming. If you went into his head, it would just sound like wind whistling through a cave. The terrifying thing about Trump is how much damage he's able to do without even thinking about it.


JcbAzPx t1_iwrdvx9 wrote

No one said anything about being a mastermind. He's absolutely plotting and scheming, though, he's just horrible at it, luckily for us.


iAmTheHYPE- t1_iwpkpep wrote

Makes one wonder how many documents he sold, and to which countries/people. He had 18 months of unfettered access to do whatever he wanted with those top-secret documents, and who knows what he did with classified information while in office.


StopDropAndRollTide t1_iwpsj86 wrote

It's the little people that always take the fall. Always have, and always will.


D74248 t1_iwpufn9 wrote

Like the Boeing MAX debacle. The only person to face charges was a glorified technical writer. Managment, especially senior management, is untouchable.


puzzler384 t1_iwpu6uw wrote

..and don't forget now running for president, again


Candid-Jaguar-326 t1_iwq3vhg wrote

And has promised to pardon everyone who has been convicted in relation to the J6 insurrection.


DotAppropriate8152 t1_iwtbtvv wrote

Because nothing says “innocent” like promising get if jail free cards to those that listened to your plan.


Takeonlyone t1_iwqdsya wrote

Supported by Saudi Arabia, who was originally responsible for 9/11….someone connect the fucking dots…


pegothejerk t1_iwnh421 wrote

It’s flex-cuffs guy, good, can’t wait to see his sentencing in February.


possumallawishes t1_iwnodce wrote

It’s not, not sure why they show zip tie guy, but that’s not who the article is about. His name was Eric and he was from Nashville. He’s much younger too, like in his 20s. Also, not a veteran.. he was an avid airsoft enthusiast though, don’t ask me how I know that.

Edit: here’s a article with a picture of the actual guy the story is about, the goofy helmet guy.


pegothejerk t1_iwnoyze wrote

Zip tie guy is a different guy with implementations meant to kidnap and or kill members of the government during a coup. This guy is the one who said he “found” the flex cuffs. Hence, flex-cuff guy. It gets difficult to keep all those traitors straight considering there were so many.


possumallawishes t1_iwnsi3k wrote

It’s not the guy in the picture. The guy in the picture is zip tie guy.


pegothejerk t1_iwnt5qq wrote

Yes. We went over that. There’s two guys that were famously running around with ties and photographed doing so - zip tie guy and this guy who said he found flex cuffs in the capitol. This is that last guy.


possumallawishes t1_iwntc7t wrote

Look at the picture bro, that’s not who the article is about. The description in the article is not the guy in the picture, the picture is zip tie guy. Trust me.


pegothejerk t1_iwnu1kj wrote

Yes. That has been discussed. Read the article, this is about the other guy who carried flex cuffs and said he found them.

> According to prosecutors, Brock walked around the Senate chamber for eight minutes on January 6, rifling through senators’ desks while wearing a helmet, tactical vest and carrying plastic flex-cuffs he found in the Rotunda that day.


possumallawishes t1_iwnv059 wrote

Yes, I understand that. However, the guy in the picture is known as “zip tie guy” and he’s clearly carrying flexicuffs. So it’s kinda dumb to call Brock flexicuff guy and distinguishing him from zip tie guy, because they both had flexicuffs and one is commonly known as zip tie guy. You’re talking about helmet guy. Flexicuff/zip tie guy is the same person, you’re trying to distinguish Brock as flexicuff guy but literally no one has called him that except you.


pegothejerk t1_iwnv83f wrote

You’re free to call flex cuff guy and zip tie guy whatever you want, I’m not stopping you. Enjoy your day.


possumallawishes t1_iwnvl94 wrote

And you’re free to get pissy about it. Just clarifying since your comment is at the top and it’s misleading when coupled with the picture… especially when he’s literally carrying flexicuffs…. But my mistake, zip tie guy is so clearly a different guy, cause he was carrying <checks notes> flexicuffs.


unevolved_panda t1_iwo25m3 wrote

Non-paywalled option:

Guy is a fucking retired lieutenant colonel. Is it possible to bust someone down to private after they retire?


thefrankyg t1_iwpgegy wrote

He can be recalled to active duty for courts martial.


TommyDaComic t1_iwq1jr6 wrote

Airman Basic is the correct new rank for this guy.

My father retired as a Lt Col in the USAF, I served in Desert Storm…This idiot deserves a lengthy sentence and No pension !


IamSauerKraut t1_iwny7fw wrote

Nashville or Murfreesboro? He the guy who went in with mommy dearest and a bag of black rifle coffee?


possumallawishes t1_iwnygd4 wrote

Yeah… Murfreesboro is a suburb of nashville, I wasn’t being that specific.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwo4xzx wrote

At 160k residents, a damn big suburb.


possumallawishes t1_iwo5okg wrote

Lol, yeah that’s about the size of a suburb. The name describes an area which is not as densely populated as an inner city, yet more densely populated than a rural area in the countryside. You don’t think 160k is a big metropolis do you? It’s 40 minutes from nashville, which is a major metropolitan center.

Literally from Murfreesboro Wikipedia:

>> Today, it is the largest suburb of Nashville…


IamSauerKraut t1_iwo7bb2 wrote

It is what it is.


possumallawishes t1_iwo7loi wrote

Yes, and what it is is a suburb of Nashville.


5zepp t1_iwplnci wrote

You sure come across as self-righteous on a semantic issue that is by no means definitively one way or the other. Sure, consider it a suburb since a lot of people live there and work in nashville. But it's equally valid to not consider it a suburb as is a town that dates back to the 18th century, geographically is quite separate from nashville, arguably is not part of the greater Nashville metropolitan area (though headedthat way), has its own industry and economy and is not completely reliant on Nashville, and is growing much faster than Nashville as it's own city not as a support city. I don't think most people who live in Murfreesboro consider it a suburb. You do, good for you. Words are like that.


possumallawishes t1_iwq32oh wrote

I’m caught up on a semantic issue? Murfreesboro is 25 miles from nashville, when talking about a national headline, it seems pretty fucking standard to call that nashville, but homeboy wants to correct me that it was murfreesboro, and guess what? Every news article I can find says he’s from Nashville.

Why don’t you google “Murfreesboro suburb” and see. It’s commonly referred to as the largest nashville suburb. I’m sorry if you and sauerkraut want to believe that Murfreesboro is it’s own thing with national prominence, the fact is, it isn’t. It’s a suburb, pretty plain and simply. You can certainly believe whatever you want, and you can assume it’s long history or “it’s own economy” make it its own thing, but you’re just wrong and being kinda hard headed. And it’s really irrelelvent to the conversation. I’m not the one diverting the conversation towards semantics, that’s you and sauerkraut, it should have been painfully obvious who I was talking about. Just google “Eric nashville zip tie guy”, it’s not like specifying Murfreesboro adds any specificity that is necessary to distinguish this guy.

But I’m self righteous? You’re over here defending the honor of a town from being called a suburb. That’s just weird.


Equivalent-Bank-5094 t1_iwoxty1 wrote

The Goofy Helmet Guy. Hilarious and once I saw his picture I was like, oh yeah, THAT Goofy fucking Helmet Guy.


possumallawishes t1_iwoy6zh wrote

Lookin like he flew the MASH helicopter to the insurrection. Such a dweeb…


Gold_Talk_732 t1_ix0rfpr wrote

Thanks for finding the right person for the story. I also thought the the guy in the picture was not the guy the story was about.


BitterFuture OP t1_iwnho93 wrote

That's going to sound real different when he's called that by a guard.


DarthSulla t1_iwnreib wrote

Pension stops after conviction right?


malektewaus t1_iwnwqv3 wrote

I don't think so. Retirement pension can only be taken if a veteran is convicted of certain felonies from a very specific list, and I don't see the one felony he was convicted of on there (Hiss Act). Though Section 2385 (advocating the overthrow of the government) is on there, punishable by 20 years in prison, and every single one of these pieces of shit is clearly guilty of that, so take that for what you will.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwnyjq6 wrote

I think once he's out, the pension cannot be touched. Also, acts might need to be related to service while in service.


Karl_Havoc2U t1_iwni0ku wrote

If I recall this was the guy who brought along his emotional support mom to the insurrection.

Not knocking that he did it, to be honest. "Where are the parents," I remember thinking, watching Jan 6th live.


sherlock_at_home t1_iwnrxn1 wrote

This is actually not him, but they were in the chamber at the same time. The photo you see atop this article is the person you’re referencing, but Brock is an older man who wore desert camo and a helmet. Leave it to CNN to not put in the effort to find a photo.


Early-Size370 t1_iwnm600 wrote

Thats what I immediately thought. I was also wondering what the mom is facing. Hopefully some consequences too.


coffeeandtrout t1_iwniodo wrote

Good, traitorous seditious bastards, every damn one of them


Early-Size370 t1_iwnmh4x wrote

Eric Munchel. This scumbag and his emotional support mom deserve the maximum punishment allowed.


lonehappycamper t1_iwnx01v wrote

The article is about a different guy than zip tie guy who is weirdly pictured here. It's about Larry Brock


IamSauerKraut t1_iwnyfes wrote

Munchel (and mommy dearest) is from TN; Brock is from TX. CNN too lazy to know the difference.


Inevitable-Sir6449 t1_iwoawel wrote

He should lose all veterans benefits


iAmTheHYPE- t1_iwpkyj2 wrote

Same goes for the Flynn brothers. Both are traitorous piece of shit, and it's an abject dereliction of duty, for Biden to not court martial them, just as it was for him to not remove Louis DeJoy with whatever options he has at his disposal.


Nickmorgan19457 t1_iwo69bh wrote

Is there a reddit for pictures of these idiots crying at their verdict?


Adam2uBer t1_iwodra8 wrote

Not necessarily that but for those getting convicted.



TechnoTrain t1_iwoe4ep wrote

Probably not since most of the sentences have been less than four years in prison. Shorter than some people are in high school for.


shinobi7 t1_iwonyci wrote

Cameras are not allowed in federal court.


ThunderPigGaming t1_iwownvw wrote

This guy called for insurrection.


"In late December 2020, Brock wrote on social media that “I prefer insurrection at this point,” according to prosecutors, who say Brock also wrote: “Our second American Revolution begins in less than two days” on January 5, 2021.

Brock will be sentenced in February."


Vaulters t1_iwo3m6c wrote

Giving cosplay a bad name


ScientistNo906 t1_iwo4sw6 wrote

I'll bet he went to the Golden Corral for vets day. He'll probably get better food in jail.


RTwhyNot t1_iwq513j wrote

This fucker knew better and deserves a far harsher sentence than the rest have been getting. Fucking travesty that the sentences have been so light.


danis1973 t1_iwpm23x wrote

If only we knew who planned this. Unfortunately the criminal mastermind behind the whole affair will likely never be known.


golson4141 t1_iwoaexz wrote

Shouldn’t be a joke what they did. At least 5 years in jail


Ireland1974 t1_iwolwea wrote

What the hell is wrong with these people?


BitterFuture OP t1_iwp8to0 wrote

Sociopathy is a lot more common than we ever wanted to admit.


tatakatakashi t1_iwps247 wrote

It’s mad to me as a non-American how many of the rioters were current or former military; they took an oath to protect the United States and at some level believe or believed that was the way


Joelnaimee t1_iwq2te5 wrote

It wasn't uncommon to see guys with swastika tattoos or markings on their belongings, just as long as it wasn't in full view 24/7. I know im not the only who seen this.


Fuck_your_coupons t1_iwq8m6h wrote

These past few years have taught me to not trust anyone in uniform.


Tastetheload t1_iwr9tm2 wrote

He became the domestic enemies he vowed to defend against.


Glittering_Kick_9589 t1_iwoeufs wrote

He should thank his lucky star I am not the judge. He would get 5 years minimum. No parole. Fuck these jerk offs.


BitterFuture OP t1_iwp8wnc wrote

I believe 5 years is actually less than the minimum sentence for what he's looking at. Max is 20.


ReturnOfSeq t1_iwotz0e wrote

Tell me more about that dishonorable discharge


bndboo t1_iwp3z06 wrote

I seriously hope they take away any government benefits he may have received through service.


IamSauerKraut t1_iwny09s wrote

Go, Air Force!

Gotta wonder what the USAF is teaching its personnel...


AmateurMisy t1_iwo3vrc wrote

The Air Force Academy is notorious for being captured by Christian Dominionists. Like, you can't get a promotion without being in the right church.


asusundevil12345 t1_iwoulnj wrote

This should be in r/playstupidgames or r/justiceserved


NAGDABBITALL t1_iwp30qo wrote

Wasn't he there with his mommy?


TommyDaComic t1_iwq20t2 wrote

Different guy -CNN got the pic wrong with this article.


EarthlyMartian-21 t1_iwpvkw1 wrote

Dude was literally LARPing. Too bad for him that doesn’t work as a legal defense


Jaded_Pearl1996 t1_iwp2mmy wrote

He is a traitor now. Do these people lose their military benefits when found guilty of treason? I think there is an oath of some sort.


iAmTheHYPE- t1_iwpl1s8 wrote

> Do these people lose their military benefits when found guilty of treason?

If you're Michael Flynn, no.


Sideoff20mph t1_iwpzm71 wrote

I thought his mommy was with him? What about her ?


blade_imaginato1 t1_iwucob7 wrote

Guy dressed in black is Eric Munchel, Guy in the back I'd the veteran


Steveflynch t1_ix3vv9y wrote

Hope that this pos dies in a hole far from anywhere he can call home