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Wazula42 t1_ivgcg7t wrote

Florida's super lucky they have a president who'll just release emergency aid instead of playing games about it until he gets the appropriate adoration.


NancyPelBroski t1_ivgda5c wrote

Trump was begging for hurricane relief for Ian and Mar A Lago didn’t even get hit.


Stampede_the_Hippos t1_ivg9gf8 wrote

I blame NASA for rolling Artemis to the pad again.


LBraden t1_ivglxbe wrote

My first thought when looking at the article was "Yet another Rollback?"


Didact67 t1_ivg9jg9 wrote

Never fear. DeSantis is God’s champion or some shit.


008Zulu t1_ivgej0s wrote

He has the white booties to prove it.


WallyMcBeetus t1_ivg9umo wrote

If the models hold it's on track to make landfall near Mar-a-Lago.


Tolookah t1_ivgb2mp wrote

Don't worry, sharpies are hard at work rerouting the hurricane


RidingRedHare t1_ivgyk52 wrote

A hurricane going through Mar-a-Lago on the way to my abusive mother in law. Now that's something my wife would want to see.


99Wolves OP t1_ivg8dku wrote

Ron DeSantis has declared a State of Emergency for 34 counties in Florida. If it makes landfall in Miami area as a hurricane, it's the first since Katrina.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_ivgcyj4 wrote

The path is that worst is Wed when the winds hit the coastline. But who knows... could be a surge, a tropical storm or Cat 2 by then... depends on many factors like water temp, air temps, winds...


99Wolves OP t1_ivgv5hx wrote

Thursday is wild. US is in for a crazy Thursday Morning. Thats when all storms may peak at once. BLIZZARD, TORNADO outbreak, and Hurricane.


freshgeardude t1_ivhmd0t wrote

None of the models are predicting CAT1 before making landfall.


Strenue t1_ivipc67 wrote

They are now


freshgeardude t1_ivkffl2 wrote

Only one model is right now but realistically the arbitrary threshold doesn't matter. This storm will cause a surge and flooding


99Wolves OP t1_ivkinke wrote

I'm not modelcasting, it's shown that run to run that there's a legit chance of a Cat 1 landfall in Florida or on the coast.


Scrubbing_Bubbles_ t1_ivgb3wb wrote

If only Trump were still President. He could save Florida with a sharpie!


drewskibfd t1_ivgcavd wrote

Nuke the hurricane!


spacemoses t1_ivgowsk wrote

Turn on the wind turbines and blow the wind in the opposite direction to cancel it out.


AmericaMasked t1_ivgjshb wrote

Poor Florida. First all that Desantis death, now this.


jstlknatstf t1_ivh2po6 wrote

Checks Waffle House. Eh, still good.


SHv2 t1_ivgjf0k wrote

If you look at the forecasted track it's clearly broadcasting a weak hook shot.


JennJayBee t1_ivgb80s wrote

The Majesty building is almost completed, too... 🤞🤞


birdpix t1_ivgnhmi wrote

lol!! Lived behind it when they started it, TWO DECADES ago! Perhaps waiting for 2nd coming to finish?? (Grew up dealing with Detroit unions who got things done much much faster.)


les_catacombes t1_ivk5uoi wrote

I am supposed to fly to Orlando Thursday. No open flights to change to with my airline. Sister is supposed to be getting married in Orlando Friday. Sigh.

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