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Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivk961k wrote

Reported a table worker this morning because a voter was being told who to vote for when the voter clearly said “oh I don’t want to vote for him”.

The table worker followed up with “no you have to”.


BookLuvr7 t1_ivkgpa7 wrote

Pretty sure that's a felony.


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivko8qu wrote

I called my state’s voting department and reported the person and provided location. Claim was entered, but can only hope this person is handled by the law


therealganjababe t1_ivlg8rg wrote

And who knows if and when they'll respond. Even if they do eventually there could still be hours of her telling people who she wants them to vote for.


halfeclipsed t1_ivm5pcm wrote

I wonder if there would be any consequences for making it known right then and there.


therealganjababe t1_ivm5y66 wrote

Hard to say depending on the politics of the other workers I guess. I'd have had a very hard time keeping my mouth shut. Prob would have daudled a bit, hang around and see if they keep doing it. But an accusation would def be risky.


sportspadawan13 t1_ivm9s4x wrote

You did the right thing but I highly doubt anything will happen, and it's the reason they continue to do this. No consequences were seen for this stuff in 2020 (just Jan 6), so why not intimidate again?


No_Reaction303 t1_ivll6sf wrote

That’s the kind of thing where you need to tip off the media. Otherwise, it might get swept under the rug during the “investigation.”


thewidowgorey t1_ivkejoo wrote

The fuck?!


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivkggxt wrote

Exactly. There’s nothing illegal about telling someone which candidates they can vote for, providing information, but she straight up said “you have to.” Followed by “the alternate is bad”. Once I heard that, I immediately reported it because the sweet old lady didn’t wanna vote for a certain someone, but was being told she had to. Regardless of affiliation, you cannot tell someone who to vote for.


Isord t1_ivl779d wrote

Kinda seems to me like the workers saying anything about who to vote for should be immensely illegal, regardless of if they say "you have to" or not.


Bokth t1_ivlcr49 wrote

Fill in ONE of these bubbles. Then ONE for this position. You're right a name should never leave their mouth while instructing how to vote


usrevenge t1_ivlur8t wrote

The only time even the word Democrat or Republican are mentioned when I voted was when they ask what you are registered as.


UndertheBigW t1_ivmo2i9 wrote

And that should only be for primary elections to determine which ballot you want to vote on. A general election should just be one ballot and they don't need your party affiliation for you to vote.


MadDjinn t1_ivn76n2 wrote

It’s weird Americans even have that.

Your party affiliation should not be useable by anyone other than the party; and the election commission to prevent you being a member of more than one at a time.

‘Registered’ is just weird.


damattdanman t1_ivllo4y wrote

Did the lady vote how she was told or did you speak up to the poll worker as well? I wouldn't just leave it up to the authorities. That person has the whole rest of the day to fuck with people.


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivlow55 wrote

Unfortunately I only contacted the state department and provided the voting location and person


Bedbouncer t1_ivlhe8d wrote

The only time I can see this as valid is if the voter tried to vote both straight party ticket AND individual candidates.

At least in my state, you can vote straight party (although I'm not sure that's even an option anymore) or individual candidates, but you can't do both or it makes the ballot void.

Another might be if there's only 1 candidate running for a position, but even then you can still leave that position unvoted, you don't have to vote.


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivloqf0 wrote

Our location is paper ballots that you insert into a machine. No option for straight ballot, but they had that at my former location where you just press the button.


Bedbouncer t1_ivmgaz8 wrote

Voted tonight. Our location also has paper ballots that you insert into a machine and there is still an option for a straight party ballot.


NemosGhost t1_ivty95f wrote

>At least in my state, you can vote straight party (although I'm not sure that's even an option anymore)

It shouldn't be an option.

In fact, parties should not even appear on the ballot. Only names.


spamattacker t1_ivm2n3l wrote

There is if that person is a poll worker.


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivm7gti wrote

This was a rep for the GOP who’s only purpose is to sit at a table and provide the list of candidates. Not to provide any direction of who to vote for.


spamattacker t1_ivq2rja wrote

You do understand that I was saying that it's illegal for poll workers to tell people who to vote for, don't you?

Or maybe I was mistaken about the rep's roll. I understood they were an official poll worker.


maggotshero t1_ivlrcer wrote

That's where you just matter of factly go "You do know telling her who to vote for as a poll worker is a felony, right?"


tinacat933 t1_ivkp06x wrote

So what did they do? I’m assuming just voted for who they wanted to?


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivkqfze wrote

Not sure unfortunately. I reported through the state’s phone line. Im sure if she didn’t want to vote for that person she might’ve stuck with her original plan, but it’s a shame there’s so many cruel people in this world trying to push these narratives


N8CCRG t1_ivl2uth wrote

North Carolina also, or somewhere else?

And good for you on reporting them.