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BookLuvr7 t1_ivkgpa7 wrote


Gerald_the_sealion t1_ivko8qu wrote

I called my state’s voting department and reported the person and provided location. Claim was entered, but can only hope this person is handled by the law


therealganjababe t1_ivlg8rg wrote

And who knows if and when they'll respond. Even if they do eventually there could still be hours of her telling people who she wants them to vote for.


halfeclipsed t1_ivm5pcm wrote

I wonder if there would be any consequences for making it known right then and there.


therealganjababe t1_ivm5y66 wrote

Hard to say depending on the politics of the other workers I guess. I'd have had a very hard time keeping my mouth shut. Prob would have daudled a bit, hang around and see if they keep doing it. But an accusation would def be risky.


sportspadawan13 t1_ivm9s4x wrote

You did the right thing but I highly doubt anything will happen, and it's the reason they continue to do this. No consequences were seen for this stuff in 2020 (just Jan 6), so why not intimidate again?


No_Reaction303 t1_ivll6sf wrote

That’s the kind of thing where you need to tip off the media. Otherwise, it might get swept under the rug during the “investigation.”