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King_of_the_Nerdth t1_ivmxsf1 wrote

If we had just one more Dem senator, it wouldn't have mattered. But people endlessly cast blame on those two, so much so that they're going to lose their seats and we'll then have nobody but Republicans to blame. Somehow, we won't blame Republicans right now? For every vote that Sinema and Manchin blocked, 50 Republicans also blocked it.


8BitSk8r t1_ivnuooy wrote

While I completely agree republicans are fully to blame for being the party of “no”, I can’t let those two off the hook. They blocked so much progress. This sountry could have been a much better place if they weren’t corrupt.


King_of_the_Nerdth t1_ivolotp wrote

Sounds like a way of thinking that Republicans are just itching for you to believe. We might even lose Mark Kelly's seat now.