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hitlerosexual t1_ivq4j5q wrote

Mobilizing in ways that are outside the establishment might help a bit. the GOP is straight up ready to wage a hot civil war and the Democrats are still putting all their chips on established institutions and legislation to save us. I'm not saying the Democrats should start to fund paramilitary groups like the right has been (although if you're a democrat it'd be wise to consider preparing for things to get ugly because the right wing terrorists groups sure as shit are) but at the very least they should start being significantly more active in union organizing and mobilization, and should work on creating new institutions outside of the government that help to push the agenda. There's a million right wing news outlets and and meanwhile the "left wing" news outlets are either barely left of center, like MSNBC, or obscure and not commonly known, like Mother Jones. Institutions will not save us when the far right controls the narrative, nor will they save us from the American troubles that we are currently in.