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No___ImRight t1_iy4ozc9 wrote

I've talked to tons of vets who will rail on Trump all day long (because if we're honest, he's low-hanging fruit)

Came down to most of them voting for "not a Democrat" every time.


SnapCrackleMom t1_iy4rtpp wrote

I'm a vet and I really thought after Trump made fun of John McCain for being a Prisoner of War, he would never win.

I'm a Democrat and it's not like I agreed with most of McCain's political stances but for God's sake the man dedicated his entire adult life to serving his country. He was held captive for 5-1/2 years, tortured, and permanently disabled.


spinereader81 t1_iy5eozp wrote

Well Trump would've served too, if it weren't for those pesky bone spurs! /s


Freexscsa t1_iy4q4yc wrote

I am a vet and have a lot of good friends at the VFW as well we tend to all be democrats I don't think that's as cut and dried as you think.