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PotatoMurderer t1_iy72rwc wrote

>You said it yourself. It wasn’t “set in stone” if it was renegotiated from 2020 to 2021

You may have misread what I said. What I was trying to say was when the negotiations were taking place, we were given a heads up that it MAY happen to us. But what ended up happening was it was set in 2021 (By Trump), and he set it for when after Biden took office.

>why not this one?

Because it was an Agreement between the US and the Taliban. It was pull out or further escalation from the Taliban because we didn't end up holding our part of the bargain. Coz when I was there, it definitely felt like they at least tried to minimize the rockets in Bagram Airfield, that and I had weeks where I had 0 patients getting flown to the hospital I worked at; where as prior to negotiations and (the actual deal), we were getting rocketed multiple times a day and I was receiving trauma patients a lot. Seems to me that the Taliban at least tried to hold their end of the bargain.

I also never said that it's not on Biden at all. You're acting like it's all on Biden which is dumb coz it's both a fuck up by Trump and Biden. Trump rushed the deal and didn't do anything about it and tried to delay Biden, and Biden didn't really do much about it either after he found out.

Also let's not forget the military's top brass who knew about all of this since day 1 of negotiations.

It's a fuck up by multiple people but you're discounting Trump from all of it which is wrong.