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Spirited_Hamster2606 t1_ixag1li wrote

After the world cup nobody will ever talk about it again .. sadly


Zkenny13 t1_ixagr1m wrote

I doubt they'll get any


destinationnewmexico t1_ixah7i4 wrote

Hey weird I see more than three pictures in the thumbnail even though for some reason tons of people on Reddit with week old accounts seem to be diving in to tell us all that only three people died making the stadiums!


Freexscsa t1_ixajqbr wrote

I hope they aren't holding their breath.


BKStephens t1_ixam7e9 wrote

Imma go out on a limb and say the answer is going to be "no."


woolypully t1_ixcsr8h wrote

And they will never get answers. All Qatar had to do is punt the controversy stuff until kickoff. Now it will be forgot. This happened with Russia when they hosted. Also happened with the Rio Olympics. Sports and money beat human rights.


Flash635 t1_ixd2i3f wrote

It's my understanding that Muslims are supposed to treat workers fairly.


PopeHonkersVII t1_ixd7dwf wrote

I think we know what happened. We were warned this was going to happen before it did happen. There were estimates that thousands would die preping for the World Cup before a single project even started. Not to criticize the families for wanting information or those who went to Qatar for work. It's absolutely horrifying that no one with any power did anything to prevent what was obviously going to happen.


tdoottdoot t1_ixddtbb wrote

people predicted this over a decade ago. this WC never should have happened


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_ixdezla wrote

Damn I knew Qatar was bad but I didn’t realize they were going around killing whole families


irkli t1_ixdhuod wrote

'are waiting for answers' is a polite way of translating the 'fuck you we don't care' to a palatable response for middle class Americans.

Obviously the environment that created the horror ain't gonna fix it. I don't know why they need to wrap this in possibility and future accountability. Ain't gonna.


irkli t1_ixdif8u wrote

2022 has been a year of blatant, obvious, overexposure to what global billions and power really means.

Musk, zuck, trump, GOP, Kanye West, fifa, bankers, all scumbags.

At some risk, we need to more loudly point out the hypocrisy of taking part in these things (FIFA events) to our friends and family.