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AudibleNod t1_ivlhgvg wrote

Blood moon. Mexican earthquake. Indian Earthquake.

Alright, who removed the idol? I'm not angry. I'm just disappointed.


Isthisworking2000 t1_ivm9kj5 wrote

Trump was calling Arizona’s election already. Mother Nature is done with it all.


PeteButtiCIAg t1_ivlgek2 wrote

Are there really simultaneous earthquakes going on on opposite sides of the globe? Fuck. Me.


submittedanonymously t1_ivllhy3 wrote

Well I’ll take a real-life Ragnarök I guess… but if I don’t see a world serpent then I guess I’ll die of disappointment or the end of the world - whatever comes first.


Mythosaurus t1_ivlrju2 wrote

Yeah, I took a screenshot of both stories appearing next to each other.

The realities is that there are constantly earthquakes happening around the world, and it’s only notable when their felt on the surface near large population centers.


we_are_all_bananas_2 t1_ivlh2ap wrote

What a coincidence, Mexico too


ArcherAccomplished75 OP t1_ivlibev wrote

Sorry it was Nepal not Delhi


redander t1_ivlm8q4 wrote

Nepal has earthquakes way too often. I hope it's not a big one


xero_what t1_ivln5ao wrote

Some sources say its 6.3, some say its 5.3.....dont know whats correct.


redander t1_ivmhs5p wrote

I might message friends there. I'm concerned. By might I mean I am... now


Smart_Sherlock t1_ivlhdhk wrote

Lol. It was a strong one here. Felt one for the first time in my life, even though I live in an earthquake prone zone (level 4)


thedeathmachine t1_ivm92rm wrote

Yeah... I'm visiting Delhi on business. Never been to India. Woke up in the middle of the night and felt my bed moving. I was terrified


TJDABEAST t1_ivlrrb4 wrote

Swear to god if we get the big Pacific Quake today too