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Independent-Choice-4 t1_ivn3pft wrote

Remember their names because one of them will be running for office in your area in the next 10-20 years


w1n5t0nM1k3y t1_ivt0uxr wrote

This is why I question things like "the right to be forgotten"


MrRumfoord t1_ivtlkfh wrote

I don't think that applies to a criminal record.


potatodog247 t1_ivn14yj wrote

Fraternity parties and sexual assault. A tale as old as time.


kmj420 t1_ivn4gj6 wrote

Why should I make conversation with a woman in hopes I can have relations with her and she could actually be into it when I can just drug her and rape a lifeless body!?/s


Clever_Word_Play t1_ivp8xfd wrote

Shit is common in house parties too.

Ladies, don't let others make drinks for you, easy to lace, even easier just to add more alcohol and make it much stronger than you think.


DanYHKim t1_ivpww71 wrote

I understand that ambient sexual violence is a normal, but why go to parties if that is a real possibility?


Clever_Word_Play t1_ivpxoy5 wrote

Young, dumb and want to have fun I guess.

I am a dude, so my chances to get sexually assaulted were substantially lower


DanYHKim t1_ivq4npd wrote

I'm a nerdy Asperger's type, so parties are always uncomfortable.


Clever_Word_Play t1_ivq9vxq wrote

I am a degenerate alcoholic that loves social events, so its my cup of tea...


DanYHKim t1_ivq4oim wrote

I'm a nerdy Asperger's type, so parties are always uncomfortable.


thebadyearblimp t1_ivn1pbb wrote

Nard dogs gonna be disappointed


rmoss20 t1_ivn1sal wrote

Where'd you go to school?


potatodog247 t1_ivn25j7 wrote

Cornell. Ever hear of it?


Kendakr t1_ivn7eyq wrote

It’s a community college right?


mathpat t1_ivpiiqf wrote

Broccoli Rob will be beside himself.


westviadixie t1_ivnl302 wrote

[extended cut]

we had a saying at my fraternity...ITS GOOD TO HAVE SEX!


[deleted] t1_ivn5j8a wrote



mces97 t1_ivnf5zf wrote

My friend was in a fraternity that was known for having "nerdier" people. I mean they had party's but I don't think they were about the worst things you hear about Greek life. Like I know when they pledged they didn't have to chug a keg, do really crazy shit. He said it was more real bonding and team building stuff. So, yeah, there's some.


v3ritas1989 t1_ivoej9a wrote

Now, for your pledge you need to finish this algoriths within the next 24 hours and deploy it to production. Afterwards we will have a code review!


TheNormalAlternative t1_ivqdhf3 wrote

I was in a Jewish fraternity at Cornell about 15 years ago...

Our claim to fame was that we had the best combined GPA of any fraternity on campus for 4 semesters straight until my dumb ass helped end the streak. We had parties but nothing outrageous - my own frat even "wrote me up" for smoking weed at a party because they were so strict.

We were never forced to consumer alcohol against our will but one night they went to a convenience store and bought one of every food item that cost $3 or less and we as a group had to consume it all. And that is how I invented cheese-pickle-mayo sandwiches wrapped in seaweed sushi paper.


mces97 t1_ivqv9bl wrote

> until my dumb ass helped end the streak.

And then your parents said, "This is why you never became a doctor. Oy Vey!


TheNormalAlternative t1_ivqwc6l wrote

Never wanted to be a doctor! But I'm a lawyer now so they're satisfied.


mces97 t1_ivrbwga wrote

Lol. I'm applying to PA school in January. I did want to be a doctor, went back, got a biology degree. Then a bunch of family issues happened. Had to put that on hold. I'm too old to do medical school, don't want all that debt. I'll essentially be a doctor-light as a PA and be done in 2 years, and maybe 1 year sub specialty. 🙏


TheNormalAlternative t1_ivrfs9a wrote

I had a few friends go through PA school and I know it can be tougher than med school since it's so much more condensed. Good luck!


mces97 t1_ivrgz5x wrote

Yeah, it's a bit concerning, but just gotta pass. I think I can do it. I love science, medicine. And it always kinda came easy to me. Don't get me wrong, I studied, worked hard. I got this! 🙂


Cicero912 t1_ivnp4es wrote

Schools that actually regulate and actually punish them.

I know at my school if you do anything fucked up at any of the frats (at least the recognized ones, but also generally the unrecognized frats aswell) you are immediately banned from every other frat.


Wolfram_And_Hart t1_ivotyb7 wrote

Yes. We had a good time. We would not have tolerated any of those shenanigans. Not all frats are Social Fraternities and not all schools encourage “Tradirional Greek Culture”.


M_H_M_F t1_ivot7b8 wrote

Across the hill in Ithaca, Ithaca College for the most part banned greek life barring a few performance based ones as in, performing arts. They were also regulated by staff to hell and back. In the end it really kind of was just like any other extra curricular club at that point with the difference being that sometiems they'd perform.


CoochieSnotSlurper t1_ivno7h8 wrote

Keeping it 100% real, it was very easy to get laid from just the clout of being in one. The fact that these dudes feel the need to drug fucking anybody isn’t because they can’t get it, it’s because they feel better getting what they want by force. That’s absolutely terrifying.


Cicero912 t1_ivnpayf wrote

Yeah if your a brother at a frat there is probably atleast 25 women at every party who would sleep with you entirely because of that.


l03wn3 t1_ivnrtdi wrote

Why is it seen as desirable to be in a frat? From an outsider, this is very hard to understand.


GoochMasterFlash t1_ivnsvhs wrote

On the one hand I feel like this is just former frat dudes hyping up frat life as they normally tend to, over glorifying every aspect of it. But also on the other hand there could be a few reasons why it makes sense in some ways.

One, from the opposite sex perspective sorority girls are also often viewed as more attractive. So maybe just the relationship between sex, party culture, and greek life drives attraction towards people in greek life.

Two, people in greek life are usually well-off financially. Frats and Sororities are a way that people literally pay to build a social circle and have friends.

Three, going back to the party thing, its probably just that frat parties are a longstanding and consistent location for women to find casual sex despite the fact that its obviously a pretty sketchy place to do so.

Overall though, I think you have to view it through the lens of the shallowness that is greek life. Being in a frat doesnt make the guys more desirable, its just that being in a frat leads them to be more central to the social functions that drive a lot of sexual encounters


princessParking t1_ivow6yn wrote

>On the one hand I feel like this is just former frat dudes hyping up frat life as they normally tend to, over glorifying every aspect of it. >

As someone who's always hated frats and sororities but had several close friends in the latter, I can confirm that they do have this much sex and they do still over hype it. The vast majority of the sex happens between fraternity and sorority members, because that's the #1 purpose of them. Some of it is straight up non-consensual, and most of it is problematic at best and stems from peer pressure.

>One, from the opposite sex perspective sorority girls are also often viewed as more attractive. >

Pretty much only by frat guys, because they know they will have an easier time finding someone to sleep with (or tricking/pressuring them into it).

>Two, people in greek life are usually well-off financially. Frats and Sororities are a way that people literally pay to build a social circle and have friends. >

This is all of it. Well off students who are used to being seen as elite pay to make sure they get the experience that bolsters that view. We have to remember we're talking about teenagers here, so sex = clout. The few people that aren't well off have been conditioned by their families or friends to believe they'll only be accepted if they join a frat/sorority, thus making them extra susceptible to bullying/peer pressure/sex they normally might not choose to have.


l03wn3 t1_ivnvn59 wrote

Just to be clear, when you say “greek life”, that is an expression for “frat/sorority” life, right? It’s seems to have little to do with actual Greece or greek way of life, even if there are references in the names of the frats.


GoochMasterFlash t1_ivnvviu wrote

Correct, I think its just called greek life because of the naming convention using the greek alphabet, which maybe stems from an older style of club naming in colleges that was pre-fraternity. Fraternities were basically self-improvement focused social clubs a long long time ago so it is ironic that they now are basically the opposite of that


CoochieSnotSlurper t1_ivovjuf wrote

People will tell you brotherhood and professional connections and blah blah blah but really you get awesome expensive parties, easy social connections when people learn you’re in one, and attention from girls when you are bang average. Exclusive ones on prestigious campuses generally will provide those professional connections almost like nepotism but for the most part it really is just about getting women.


Dejugga t1_ivpez1v wrote

Social clout basically. A whole lot of people want to get into the partying and casual sex side of college & frats tend to throw a lot of parties due to having money to throw around (due to attracting wealthier students), and thus control who gets into those parties. Also, you instantly get a community by joining. Doesn't mean it's a great community, but lots of guys are pretty bad at making friends.

That said, I doubt it's a great experience for people without money/connections. And I wonder how much of a difference it really makes, because if you're well-off, social, and decent-looking, you're probably going to do pretty well in the college casual sex scene regardless.


RAMbo-AF t1_ivn55ae wrote

Cornell or you mean every University?


quequotion t1_ivn18d1 wrote

Good, now make it permanent.


Blighted_Smile t1_ivneubj wrote

Is the part that makes this news that fraternities actually got a wrist slap?


sorbonium t1_ivn5h09 wrote

I can’t say that I’m not surprised.


diskmaster23 t1_ivp2jp5 wrote

This was already hugely a big no no back in the late 2000s. I am surprised that this is still going on in the fraternity circuit. You guys need to adapt or the fraternity system is going to die. This is unacceptable.


Friendofthegarden t1_ivo0bof wrote

Are there frat parties without sexual assault and drug laced drinks?


kaloonzu t1_ivnr28n wrote

So typical frat behavior then?


debauch3ry t1_ivpl0a5 wrote

How do you suspend parties? Aren’t the premisses private?


TheNormalAlternative t1_ivqdy0u wrote

Most Fraternity houses at Cornell are owned by the school or at least built on school property. Only a handful of them are 100% private property.

Regardless, the school has authority to revoke a fraternity's recognition, which means they basically have to close or operate and rush secretly, not to mention take disciplinary action against students, especially officers in the fraternity


WrathOfTheHydra t1_ivrilri wrote

What??? Frats and sexual abuse!?! Nooooo...


popandfroosh t1_ivu08ai wrote

I feel like the reasons they were suspended are true for pretty much all fraternity parties at all Universities.


Nastynugget t1_ivnf6gn wrote

It’s pronounced Cornell, and it’s the “highest” rank in the Ivy League.


Meadmanmike t1_ivpd0d9 wrote

But..sexual assault and drug-laced drinks are synonymous with frat party. This headline is redundant.


BazilBroketail t1_ivn5f7d wrote

Fuck, off, CNN!

Right off...


mces97 t1_ivnf9vf wrote

Lol. You're so anti CNN that an article about roofying people just being reported on CNN triggered you?