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Expensive-Track4002 t1_ixys8u4 wrote

My grandparents and parents didn’t make it to my age. 64 and still going. But I don’t smoke or drink.


nobackup42 t1_ixzff7o wrote

All my grandfolks and my parentens made in well in to the 90’s. Even my mum that smokes 40 a day passed on at 91. Makes me feel secure at 60 with a 6 and an 8 year old That I will see them at least though college.


Imaginary_Medium t1_ixznqpm wrote

I hope you will and it sounds like longevity does run in your family, so I bet you will :).


Imaginary_Medium t1_ixznaqp wrote

Mine were active and had pretty good habits. Leukemia is what took my grandfather in his forties. They didn't have as much to treat it back then. Grandma had a sudden aneurysm while gardening. Just seems to be a short life expectancy on that side of the family. Aunts and uncles went early too. The other side is longer lived but tend to be mad as hatters. Funny how that works sometimes.