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Zealousideal_Order_8 t1_ixv4am2 wrote

Speaking as a 65 year old, 63 is too damn young to die.


RandomChurn t1_ixvjk41 wrote

Right? "63 is the new 43"


SheriffComey t1_ixvshyh wrote

Phew....I'm 44 so I guess that's the new 24.


Imaginary_Medium t1_ixxft0k wrote

61 and remember well when Irene Cara was a young entertainer and am feeling old. Two of my grandparents never made it to my age which feels strange.


Expensive-Track4002 t1_ixys8u4 wrote

My grandparents and parents didn’t make it to my age. 64 and still going. But I don’t smoke or drink.


nobackup42 t1_ixzff7o wrote

All my grandfolks and my parentens made in well in to the 90’s. Even my mum that smokes 40 a day passed on at 91. Makes me feel secure at 60 with a 6 and an 8 year old That I will see them at least though college.


Imaginary_Medium t1_ixznqpm wrote

I hope you will and it sounds like longevity does run in your family, so I bet you will :).


Imaginary_Medium t1_ixznaqp wrote

Mine were active and had pretty good habits. Leukemia is what took my grandfather in his forties. They didn't have as much to treat it back then. Grandma had a sudden aneurysm while gardening. Just seems to be a short life expectancy on that side of the family. Aunts and uncles went early too. The other side is longer lived but tend to be mad as hatters. Funny how that works sometimes.


autotelica t1_ixv1yx4 wrote

Well damn. I know she wasn't a huge superstar, but she was an icon to me. Loved her in Fame.


NoodlesrTuff1256 t1_ixvnwxj wrote

She had a great voice and was a fairly decent actress so it's surprising that her career kind of petered out after a great start in the early 80s.


meldooy32 t1_ixzwjje wrote

According to an article in Essence magazine, she fought back against a predatory contract with her record label and was blacklisted.


34Catfish t1_ixv69iq wrote

Damn. I thought she was going to live forever.


CatMobster t1_ixvtyaf wrote

Well she made it to heaven, and we will remember her name.


FoamParty916 t1_ixvgnot wrote

Well she did have fame, and that usually lives forever.


ManWithYourPlan t1_ixvf0r8 wrote

Insane to think that the 20 something's of the 80s are in their 60s now.


NoodlesrTuff1256 t1_ixvo5wu wrote

And that the 80s are now more or less four decades in the past. When I was one of those 20-somethings in the 1980s, 'forty years ago' meant the 1940s and the World War II era.


i_love_pencils t1_ixwx07b wrote

> Insane to think that the 20 something's of the 80s are in their 60s now.

It’s even more insane when you’re one of them…


ffwshi t1_ixweqpl wrote

I was a dancer back in the '80's. The movie Fame inspired me to open a dance studio. Leg warmers forever!


Bougainville70 t1_ixv3zqm wrote

Too young. What a unique voice. rip.


BabySuperfreak t1_ixvtj82 wrote

... anyone know her from DC Cab? just me? ok.


bastardofdisaster t1_ixwh9os wrote

"My Dad came back from the war so messed up, he thought he was Jesus. Sent him to an institution for five years when he came out, he didn't think he was Jesus anymore, he thought he was God, which made me Jesus. "


kstinfo t1_ixvn6vl wrote


kstinfo t1_ixvowyq wrote

I posted the link 'cause I thought it belonged here. Then I went back to watch. 5 minutes with an uncontrollable grin on my face. Wow!


groggs42 t1_ixwlumc wrote

OMG it has been so long since I have seen that ! I was surprised to see Rocket Romano in there ! =) If you were a fan of the show will get a giggle out of seeing him.


mompos t1_ixv2ibd wrote

A beautiful voice, silenced. How sad.


day_tripper t1_ixy83nw wrote

The only teen idol worthy of my adoration.

My heart is broken. This is a farewell I dreaded and now I am in tears.

We imitated you as one of our own. You looked just like us. You were us. We were a handful if skinny brown girls with long kinky hair and a range of eye colors and talents in an Illinois suburb (the same one Shonda Rhimes grew up in) who wanted to be you!

Your voice stays with me.


chaddgar t1_ixv81or wrote

Only 63? Wow! Accomplished so much so early in life!


Dwayla t1_ixwmvo6 wrote

Cool voice, beautiful lady, bless her.


Bullmoose39 t1_ixwntdp wrote

She lived a hard life. But she also hard a great voice. She was a talented woman. Dying this young, I wouldn't be surprised if her personal demons had a role. A shame and a loss no matter what, she died too young.


SaraSlaughter607 t1_ixv95z9 wrote

I remember her from music in the early 80s 😔 rest in peace.


ManMadeMyth t1_ixxpfla wrote

You're gonna know my name


nobackup42 t1_iyd0s3d wrote

Amazing performer. Taken way to young.


autotelica t1_ixv98f2 wrote

Jennifer Beals <> Irene Cara. I hate when editors let mistakes like this fall through the cracks.


rdnyc19 t1_ixvelxj wrote

It's not a mistake. Cara sang and co-wrote the lyrics for "What a Feeling" from Flashdance, for which she won several awards. If you play the clip in the linked article, it's the music video for the song (which is why Beals is pictured in the video still.)


autotelica t1_ixvf7ux wrote

I appreciate the explanation. But I don't think it is too much to ask for them to show a photo of Irene Cara at the top of an article announcing her death. Maybe I am just an old fogey though.


Dr-P-Ossoff t1_ixvk0em wrote

So, icon, wtf did she die of?


_Carol_White_ t1_ixvlj4b wrote

If you click on the title of this post, it will automatically link to an article, published on a different website. Affixing your eyes to the words in the article, assuming your literacy, will enable you to read the article. It is arranged into sentences and paragraphs. Having read the article myself, I am able to inform you that the cause of her death is as yet unknown.


TheWildTofuHunter t1_ixw4x8x wrote

“It's called reading, you know, top to bottom, left to right. A group of words together is called a sentence. Take Tylenol for any headaches, Midol for any cramps.”


Anothergasman t1_ixvtphv wrote

No one tell that dude from the D.C. cab company. He will be devastated.

Really the only place I know Irene Cara from