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IsilZha t1_ixnfoiv wrote

Just because some of you have some sense regarding regulation, doesn't stop making it a core tenant that most espouse. Generally as an offshoot of "being censor proof." Tenet already implies "in general" and not "100% of everyone involved."


anotherjohnishere t1_ixnh2dm wrote

I don't agree that that's what is most espoused, as lack of regulation is not a benefit nor would I argue that its a tenant of crypto in this day and age. Maybe 10 years ago.


IsilZha t1_ixnotb5 wrote

Agreement is not required.

Just search r/cryptocurrency or r/Bitcoin for "regulation," as an example, and any post that talks about imposing regulations on crypto, the vast majority of all the upvoted (the most widely and generally agreed with) comments are against regulating crypto.


anotherjohnishere t1_ixnphmm wrote

My man I'm very active in the crypto community I know what it's like. What I'm telling you is that Reddit isn't indicative of public opinion for one, and for two regardless of their want regulation is coming. You're generalizing and that's what I'm warning you of. The space is not a monolith.


IsilZha t1_ixnqlrh wrote

Ah yes, good one. The large, public Reddit communities of crypto enthusiasts don't count as a public opinion of crypto enthusiasts because... uhhh... ::waves hands:: Brilliant.

Like minded people always tend to interact with like minded people, so your anecdote about who you interact with doesn't really say much about what the prevailing attitudes are.