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anotherjohnishere t1_ixnpz0q wrote

Hahahahaha more like free market unless the market disagrees with them. I've never vibed with the libertarian ideology on which cryptocurrency originated, full of hot air.

Blockchain technology will be very much a part of all our lives, and in many ways already is, innovation takes time, and we have a lot of work still to do, but it'll be the norm soon enough.


cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_ixq5r17 wrote

you can’t vibe with something that you don’t understand.


anotherjohnishere t1_ixrs5o9 wrote

Right lmao I'm really struggling to understand libertarianism because it's just so complicated... /s. It's not hard to understand republican lite, I work in the space I don't need to be told about it's origins. I don't vibe with the taxation is theft crowd because it's a stupid argument, that's why I don't vibe with yall.


cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_ixruwya wrote

you failed the vibe check already. no one trying to dodge taxes. all systems need maintenance. the vibe is inclusion into the global economy via public financial infrastructure