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Faptain__Marvel t1_ixo8nd9 wrote

Now that the poors have been bilked, we need to restructure crypto so it can continue to bilk the stupid.


cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_ixq6lno wrote

the stupids already got bilked. it’s stupid to give away custody of your funds.

the poors are the ones whom the regulators are here to claim to protect.

it’s one thing to talk shit. it’s another to talk shit without knowing a damn thing


Faptain__Marvel t1_iy47q9s wrote

Gosh, you sure seem knowledgeable. The poors have been encouraged to invest in crypto since they advertised during the superbowl. You don't see the Winklevoss twins regretting their investments in bitcoin.

It was always the already rich fleecing the poor and stupid. Only a douchebag would try to pretend there is a difference.


cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_iy4jlzo wrote

being poor doesn’t mean that I’m too stupid to do my own research.

and in Tom Brady’s case, being rich doesn’t make you impervious to ignorance.