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SzmFTW t1_iy8mf21 wrote

So… “Oh the humanity” is the first thing that pops in my head here.

Have they found a way to purely mitigate “engine go boom”?


NoStatic78 t1_iy8t3jq wrote

That wasn't the engine that went boom, but the hydrogen in the gas bags used to provide lift. In any event, yes I understand we've created sufficiently study tanks to contain hydrogen, even in most accidents. There are films going back to the 1960s showing serious crash tests of cars with hydrogen tanks mounted, which got through the tests without leaks. Whether those tanks would survive an airplane crash, rather than a car crash, is a great question and I don't know the answer. But I would hope there's been some additional progress in the intervening sixty-ish years.


GrushdevaHots t1_iya4xba wrote

Jet fuel is also largely stores in the wings, it's be difficult to make hydrogen tanks that have the other physical properties of wings.


DarkExecutor t1_iycuyll wrote

Also plane crashes are usually more deadly than car crashes so dying to the impact or a hydrogen exploring doesn't matter


chundricles t1_iycvggg wrote

Engine go boom is the whole point of a jet engine