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Bagellord t1_iy8x75u wrote

What would make me nervous is keeping it stable and leak free in an airplane, over their service lives. Not to mention the infrastructure on the ground.

To be clear, I think it's a great thing, if the benefits are there. But there's a ton of work to be done beyond a functioning engine.


ThellraAK t1_iy90bxo wrote

Don't really need it to be leak free, just need to manage it so leaking doesn't make things explode.


itsbicycle_repairman t1_iy98pri wrote

If that was the case, you'd need to know at what rate it leaked to work out how much fuel you need for a flight, and if the leakage was a "standard" rate over every aircraft. And if it was a linear equation too, but I'd hazard a guess that more pressure = more loss at a higher pressure.