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Fearlessleader85 t1_iy9e3g8 wrote

I was also thinking of much larger lifting bodies, like flying wings. I don't think you'd need to rebuild airports completely, but renovations would for sure be needed. But in that change, you could get some significant benefits, like higher altitude flights with greater ease.

But i disagree with your claim of reusing things rather than building new. For most things like cars, the carbon use of the fuel or energy quickly outstrips the corbon footprint of production. So, continuing to use that refrigerator from 1956 that keeps on chugging is churning out more carbon every few years than building a new fridge. Replacing a car that gets 20 mpg with a new one that gets 30-35 mpg has a very rapid "carbon payback".

If efficiency is more or less constant, sure, keep using the old thing as long as possible. If new versions produce significant improvements, replacement is the best option. The math for these decisions isn't that complex.