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CurtisLeow t1_iy9eii4 wrote

Natural gas is substantially more dense, easier to store, and can be produce from carbon neutral sources.


Why_You_Mad_ t1_iy9wgb3 wrote

Natural gas is just another hydrocarbon. lol. Why even switch from jet fuel?


horsemagicians t1_iyahxbu wrote

Well if we’re only going to talk about jet fuel vs natural gas, natural gas burns far more cleanly.


CurtisLeow t1_iya1bbi wrote

Kerosene can't be produced from carbon neutral sources. Kerosene produces soot. Natural gas-powered aircraft are already a thing, by the way. It's a more common fuel than hydrogen.


Why_You_Mad_ t1_iya1r2g wrote

As soon as you burn it you're just dumping more CO2 and CO into the atmosphere. How could it possibly be carbon neutral to burn more hydrocarbons?


CurtisLeow t1_iya98j1 wrote

Because there are both fossil sources and renewable sources of natural gas. That's why it's called natural gas. You produce natural gas. Waste treatment plants produce natural gas. Sabatier reactors produce natural gas. There are multiple carbon neutral sources of natural gas.


Prophet_of_Entropy t1_iydgwfw wrote

you can synthesize methane, aka natural gas, make it from atmospheric carbon and hydrogen, but that would be incredibly energy intensive and only viable if we crack efficient fusion electricity.


Cpt_Soban t1_iybehb4 wrote

So... Fossil fuels lmao


CurtisLeow t1_iybmdzp wrote

Fossil fuels are fossil deposits. Some natural gas comes from fossil deposits. There are renewable sources of natural gas, just like there are renewable sources of hydrogen. Although currently most natural gas, and most hydrogen comes from fossil deposits. Most hydrogen isn’t carbon neutral either.


Cpt_Soban t1_iyburr3 wrote

Lol natural gas is fossil fuels mate. You burn it for energy which creates carbon.

Try again.


CurtisLeow t1_iybuybe wrote

I literally linked a Department of Energy article on renewable natural gas.


Cpt_Soban t1_iybw7u8 wrote

You understand we need to move away from carbon emitting energy right?


CurtisLeow t1_iybwccr wrote

And by that standard, hydrogen isn’t carbon neutral either. The vast majority of hydrogen comes from natural gas, as shown in the other Department of Energy article I linked.


Cpt_Soban t1_iyc27dl wrote

It's still better using hydrogen derived from fossil fuels from the grid, than burning fossil fuel gas after extracting gas from fossil fuel, then burning it as a fossil fuel.

The net benefit is fewer carbon emissions using hydrogen, with improvements later as the grid transitions.

As I said: we need to transition AWAY from carbon emitting energy.