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brcguy t1_iy9zed5 wrote

It’s more about the storage than the turbine tho. The tanks and fuel lines are the problem way before the combustion chambers. Those need to handle more heat, but shouldn’t be in major danger of hydrogen embrittlement as it’s on fire and mixing with air by then. (I could be wrong it’s been a while since I’ve messed with turbines).


Fearlessleader85 t1_iy9zzsb wrote

I mean, you could be right, but with the lifetimes we're demanding of aircraft, i think it would behoove us to keep everything from hydrogen embrittlement. Injectors might be the main trouble spot, though.


brcguy t1_iya0urx wrote

Yeah plus I think storing a suitable volume might be a problem too. Just need to make a super efficient electric turbine and then build the whole airframe out of batteries lol.

Who are we kidding - the climate crisis will only be solved by the climate crisis killing half of us. Now I’m sad.


EmperorArthur t1_iyecwwv wrote

> then build the whole airframe out of batteries


Actually skip the electric engine, just use the fuel to heat the air.

90% sure the US dreamed up a plane like that in the 60s.