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witchy-poo t1_iw9g4ky wrote

This is eerily similar to the Humboldt Broncos crash


dkyguy1995 t1_iw9v15i wrote

Those poor souls :( that was seriously one of the most fucked up sporting accidents since the Marshall football team plane crash in the 70s


boxesofcats- t1_iwa3l6s wrote

Reminded me of Humboldt too; this could have been so much worse. I’ll never forget seeing so many homes with a hockey stick outside their front door for weeks after. Heartwarming and devastating.

Between the day of the crash and the public memorial I was in Iceland. While there, the man at the car rental place noticed I’m Canadian and showed me that he had a Canadian flag pinned to the inside of his jacket. He turned out to be involved in the local youth hockey association, and the news had reached them there. The gesture 100% made me cry.


mokutou t1_iw9v9s0 wrote

This was my first thought. That whole thing was a tragedy from every single angle.


Gandhehehe t1_iwa5oet wrote

I worked at the court house which that case went through, its still crazy to think of this many years later. It’s eerie how much apart of normal life “humboldt broncos” bumber stickers, tshirts, etc are still so common place in everyday life in Saskatchewan.

Fascinatingly enough, that wasn’t the first Broncos hockey team from Saskatchewan to be involved in a fatal bus crash.


squirellydansostrich t1_iwggnf0 wrote

Can confirm, as a resident. See 'Broncos Strong' bumper stickers at least once a week.


HippySol t1_iw9gmuv wrote

Brings back memories of the Broncos hockey team accident in Canada a few years ago. Hockey players on a bus heading to a game, hit by a semi, except instead of injured, it killed 16. And the semi driver wasnt even drunk, just distracted by a flapping tarp.


Puzzleworth t1_iw9pznh wrote

The intersection in that case was also poorly designed.


mousewine t1_iwaow24 wrote

Only if you don't stop at the stop sign


draven501 t1_iwbt7s7 wrote

There are literally thousands of intersections like that throughout the Canadian prairies, it was a 2 way stop. They did put big(ger) flashing red lights on the stop signs after the Broncos tragedy though.


GryphonsPride t1_iwa3bgp wrote

Uh no it wasn't. In the direction the truck was going, you could see the stop sign 3 miles before the intersection. Trees on the south east corner only had a negative effect if you weren't going to stop. At the stop sign there was clear visibility in all directions.


Ray_Pingeau t1_iwans54 wrote

I live 20 minutes east of humboldt and an hour south of the accident site. That intersection was known for accidents. It’s not so much that the intersection was poorly built. It’s the fact that someone lives on the south east corner and the yard WAS heavily treed. There was no way to see traffic coming and many people paid the price. The trees have been torn down since and they now have a flashing light for the stop sign as that isn’t the first time someone didn’t see it.


LeafsWinBeforeIDie t1_iwc032z wrote

Was it that traffic is so low out there people treat it as "stop-tional" and if they can see (or think they see), they don't even slow down?


Ray_Pingeau t1_iwc1n3z wrote

No. It’s actually the main highway in the area. It’s also a junction that leads to all the communities in the area. I mean, it’s not the transcanada by any means. The population up there is sparse in comparison to the more southern part of Saskatchewan.

People have bitched about the tree line in the past, but no one important enough died at that intersection. After that accident swept across the world, they levelled the trees and now has the brightest flashing stop light I’ve ever seen. I mean you see that light from ten minutes away at night. It lights up the immediate area.

That tree line made it so you couldn’t see north bound traffic when heading west and vice versa. It was even said, when it first happened, that the bus driver may have been able to avoid the accident had he had a line of site. He wouldn’t have seen the semi until it was too late.


GryphonsPride t1_iwf0csh wrote

From the Canadian Encyclopedia website: A review by the Saskatchewan government of the crossroads where the crash occurred found that the frequency of collisions there is low compared with other intersections in Saskatchewan. Even so, the intersection was the scene of another deadly crash in 1997, when six family members were killed after their pickup truck sped through the crossroads without stopping, colliding with a tractor-trailer.

2 deadly accidents in 20 years. The number of casualties is high but if there were 2 casualties, would it be considered a dangerous intersection that needed all the additional safety features added?


quadriplegic_cheetah t1_iwalfok wrote

I don’t even think the human eye can identify a stop sign from 3 miles away. So that’s not really valuable information.


[deleted] t1_iwalzlx wrote



quadriplegic_cheetah t1_iwan3v3 wrote

No road sign in the world is visible from 3 miles away. That’s my point. The human visual field doesn’t allow that. Even 1 mile is pushing it.

And no need to be rude.


HelpStatistician t1_iwaoh7w wrote

What are the injuries like? Life altering? I imagine a few might be out of playing hockey for life...


TheLegendsClub t1_iwc71ic wrote

Did you mean in this crash or the Bronco's crash?


HelpStatistician t1_iwcwgzf wrote

in this one


TheLegendsClub t1_iwcyd5k wrote

I don’t think we’ll get specifics for a while, but the last chatter from people close to the situation on HFboards and r/hockey was that multiple people were in critical(but stable) condition. So I’m assuming there will be lifelong consequences of some kind, even if it’s likely no one dies


Fenrisulfir t1_iwc4ct3 wrote

I thought he was overtired from driving for too long. Didn’t he also plead guilty to everything and actually wanted to go to jail because he deserved to be punished? Instead they deported him.


FourFurryCats t1_iwd6guu wrote

I don't believe he has been deported yet.

He has been recommended for deportation because the seriousness of the crimes warrant it.


bcatrek t1_iw9hzpp wrote

That truck driver’s gonna wake up to a real bad hangover.


JanitorKarl t1_iw9nhdb wrote

And no job.


StocktorDrange t1_iw9vrxh wrote

Worse than that I’d reckon.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iwb2gwb wrote

Very much worse. Generally they take commercial licenses a LOT more seriously than regular ones (assuming he had one, I know some people who deliver locally and just avoid DOT stops), so he probably will be lucky to drive in the future I'd imagine. No idea on how criminal charges will happen in this case though.


17times2 t1_iwc49ae wrote

No job AND no money for beer? This day's getting worse and worse!


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_iwacryc wrote

Says the truck driver is from NY. Here on long island the truck drivers are nuts. Especially the sand mining dump trucks. Regularly see them weaving in and out of traffic on the LIE.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_iwd9080 wrote

Pretty much all Tandem drivers drive weaving and/or speeding. Because drivers are paid by the load, not the hour. You can't see them texting or on phone as they are high up. But other truckers see them, and its 20tonnes or more, moving over the speed limit,...


Dpontiff6671 t1_iwa9dfn wrote

Fucking sucks dude as someone who go hit by a drunk driver in a van 3 weeks ago I can relate. Glad no one died. Fuck that dude


chrisdurand t1_iwas0ae wrote

Drunk drivers deserve the worst punishments. Absolutely no excuse for this shit.

Poor kids.


Onikojima t1_iw9is8y wrote

Very similar to Humboldt Broncos accident a few years ago.


2ByteTheDecker t1_iwbn3fv wrote

Only in that it was a bus of hockey players.


typeonapath t1_iwbphid wrote

This was a bus of hockey players. It's the first sentence of the article.


2ByteTheDecker t1_iwbpkvw wrote


So you agree? It was a bus of hockey players?


typeonapath t1_iwbpnzu wrote

They both were.

Oh I see what you're saying. My brain put the emphasis on the word "that" when I read your sentence.

As in, "Only in THAT, they were hockey players."

Me: "They were here too."

My bad, dude.


FreedomPaws t1_iwbfh1n wrote

Are penalties not enough for drunk drivers or what? They literally are out doing this daily and can kill anyone and yet this keeps happening. No one is being deterred with whatever system they have going on for drunk drivers.

Pathetic all of yall that drink and drive. As if we haven't heard this one million times and a 5 yr old could tell u not to.


2ByteTheDecker t1_iwbn0wq wrote

You could make DUI a capital crime and it wouldn't stop 100%

That's just the shitty way humans collectively are.


FourFurryCats t1_iwd5w3y wrote

It's not a capital crime in Canada but it is the equivalent of what would be a Felony crime in the US. Versus, the misdemeanor status in some jurisdictions.


FreedomPaws t1_iwbo64y wrote

Oh yeah u can't stop anything from disappearing but what I am saying is I see zero improvement and deterrence happening. We are no better off than a year ago, 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs ago etc. And also despite more education and spreading awareness to not do this and contempt for those that do. Just mind boggling.

And I tell u what, during my college yrs sure I was pretty dumb - not with this but just drinking in general. Once out of college, f drinking. I just find it more pathetic when adults are piss ass drunks and absolutely know better and are like this. They want to live their adulthood being drunks, then do it without almost killing people daily.

Society should be improving, in general. To see this issue just remain a flat line is getting old.


LeafsWinBeforeIDie t1_iwc0xrf wrote

How much would it cost to make breath machines part of every car? You could have an emergency bypass to get to a hospital or something, but a light could come on the car so police can follow and help you and know you are operating drunk. The technology exists, and if it was on every car I couldn't see it adding more than $10 to the price.

The world would be a much better place if we took the option of driving off the table if one is drunk, especially since some humans aren't human enough to simply not drive drunk. This includes the people driving after a 3 drink dinner or a 2 martini Friday afternoon lunch. Those drivers can go to hell too.


friedAmobo t1_iwd3wue wrote

The NTSB recommended alcohol impairment detection systems be included in new vehicles a few months ago. Presumably, those systems would prohibit engine startup or something along those lines if they detect alcohol. I remember the news of this recommendation making some waves due to potential privacy concerns and manufacturer lockout from a device that the person owned, but the general concept is interesting at least and would save lives if there was an ethical (in the sense of ownership), non-intrusive way to implement such systems.


rabidstoat t1_iwdvfxx wrote

I bet the companies that sell those devices that people convicted of DUIs have to use would be against this. Those companies charge an obscene monthly fee for the devices.


Ericovich t1_iwbs7jx wrote

You can look up their safety score by DOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's website.

Their unsafe driving scores were through the roof. Looks like a single owner company.


Impressive-Hold7812 t1_iwbxnuc wrote

Damn those buses are built like tanks.

As the market engineers for more efficient, lighter materials, glad that school buses are beefy machines.

Looks like a rear right point of impact, and the cabin held up well, with that rear axle taking a lot of the force. Lost the bus, but not the kids. Wonder how the one kid got ejected.

Can you imagine being racked out against the window on the opposite side of the bus sleeping off dinner, and then you waking up midair.

Oh, and fuck drunk drivers.


guzhogi t1_iwhovfn wrote

I guess the kid who got ejected is the son of a coworker of mine. I’ll give the family some privacy, especially since it’s a kid, but looks like several broken ribs, bruised lungs and spleen, pelvic fractures (but doesn’t need surgery for the pelvis). Internal injuries are stable.


guzhogi t1_iwbej52 wrote

A coworker’s son was on that bus. Damn.


CLUING4LOOKS t1_iwddumw wrote

Glad nobody was killed. Hoping for speedy recovery for all the kids and all involved.


Sp3ctre_6 t1_iwfjwvx wrote

Fuck intoxicated drivers. They should be permanently locked up.


SpacemanBatman t1_iwjtboi wrote

But let’s let 18 year olds drive semis now, right?


HairyPhoenix t1_iwc5dgb wrote

How many needless accidents are we going to have to tolerate before change is made? #nomoresemis


red2play t1_iwc4m7o wrote

We poo-poo the police telling them to not do chases nor pull over anyone acting strange (not to mention de-funding them) but on the other hand, you see things like this. I'd rather have the police than not having them.


davidreiss666 t1_iwcibwy wrote

All the people out here who "poo-poo the police" as your phrase it really like good police officers who police well. The problem are the idiotic police who purposely fuck it all up in order to act like a real-man or something stupid like that.

In the United States, we pay more for police forces to do poor jobs policing the people. All so the police themselves can get paid less than police in similar nations.

In the US they pay for expensive equipment like riot gear, tanks, airplanes that can literally drop bombs on the populace, etc. While the police here get very little training in comparison to those in other countries similar to the United States. The average police officer gets just 26 weeks of training in the USA. While the average police office in Germany gets 120 weeks of training. They literally spending more time on how to properly de-escalate violate encounters in Germany than American police get in ALL their training. And the resulting German police officers gets paid more on average than American police get paid.

So, not only do the department budgets spend less money on policing in Western Europe, they also pay their office-forces more money to be police. So, the officers feel better cause they are more highly paid in Western Europe, and they get more training. So the results are better in that they have fewer violent encounters with the average citizens. Which means the police there are just all around safer.

But it means that police are monitored and expected to not become violent thugs who just beat people for shits and giggles. So, the American police don't want to get paid more or get more training. They like a system that allows for them to go insane and just beat the shit out of old grandmothers because they think the 89 year old lady disrespected them. That's the fucked up American police culture we live under.


iRideyoshies t1_iwcjqft wrote

lol imagine missing the point this hard. Do you really think people don't want the police to stop drunk drivers? No one demanding police reform wants them to stop doing that. What an idiotic comment.


hawkbatt t1_iwb21r0 wrote

Only losers drink. Hope the kids recover swiftly and this driver, whatever happens to him, hope he never drinks again.


jcfan4u t1_iwbelnh wrote

You mean drink and drive?


LeafsWinBeforeIDie t1_iwc1e15 wrote

Covid took a lot of people from normal drinkers to a more dangerous place. The amount of wine moms picking up their kids from school after half a bottle is way too damn high.


jcfan4u t1_iwc1pgp wrote

I get what you're saying, but I'm trying to equate how drinking = loser. Obviously if you drink and drive you're a piece of shit, but to say drinking at all makes you a loser is a stupid thing to say.


LeafsWinBeforeIDie t1_iwc3m0l wrote

That was OPs take, not mine. A lot of people have let alcohol have more negative effects on them than before the pandemic. I don't think people losing their struggle or not even able to identify their problem with alcohol use are losers.

I do think people who excuse that into affecting others (by driving for example) are absolutely losers. Get as fucked up as you want without hurting people, it's your life and your health. Drunk driving is engrained in some cultures (like the southern US) in some truly appalling ways that would blow the mind of a European driver. In the end it's as much the increase of general selfishness in people post pandemic as it is the rise in alcoholism.


[deleted] t1_iwle5zk wrote

Honestly, the less I drink and the more I observe my peers around me (middle aged) drinking like we’re still young and dumb, the more I’m agreeing with this sentiment.