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Whoreson-senior t1_iwsmnvb wrote

I swear I read about this some while back.


swing_axle t1_iwsnnz7 wrote

They've known covid had spread to deer for a while. It's one of the reasons we're probably never really getting rid of it. But the fact that it's becoming widespread and common enough in deer populations to make new variants is concerning.

Relatedly, don't fucking feed deer. It makes them congregate and increases the chance of spread! No backyard feeders, no feeding stations, no bait stations.


Memetic1 OP t1_iwsoyya wrote

I would say wear a mask if you go hunting and take one down. That way any droplet hazard is minimized. I'm sure COVID can't survive being cooked it's not like prion disease.


imgurNewtGingrinch t1_iwst5pw wrote

Was it this? Nerve damage, same thing covids doing.

We should be looking to the deer populations to figure out when it got here and started circulating. My money is on 2012 when the birds were falling out of the sky around the world.


radicalelation t1_iwsx3gn wrote

No, not at all. That is chronic wasting disease, an infection caused by prions, a much more scary contagious entity separate from viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.

Prions, unlike COVID, are not a virus, but a misfolded protein that prompts others to misfold. The most commonly known prion disease is Mad Cow Disease.

They have a nasty habit of surviving for a very long time outside of a body, can't be sanitized away with anything short of undiluted bleach or similar, and need high, continuous temperatures to incinerate. They propagate in the infected for years before any symptoms show, and there is no known cure.

I mean, now that I've taken a look at that article, it kind of explains quite a bit there to tell you it's not a virus like COVID.


jeffhalsinger t1_iwsxefy wrote

That's chronic wasting disease. Its like mad cow. Some sort of prison disease


coldroot t1_iwsp3os wrote

Relax my deer. It's just a flu