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Impressive_Ad9102 t1_iwsn8h1 wrote


j442 t1_iwsnqvb wrote

Buck up dude, it'll be ok.


Memetic1 OP t1_iwspfo1 wrote

Ya just wear a mask if you bag a deer. You don't want to be the person infected with a new version of this disease. When diseases circulate in animals for a while they tend to get adapted to that animal. So when cross species transmission happens the virus tends to be more dangerous because it's no longer adapted to humans.


Imaginary_Medium t1_iwt025h wrote

I'd wear some eye protection too.


Memetic1 OP t1_iwtju6f wrote

That would be smart. I'd say a face shield, because I'm not sure if blood from the lungs is infectious. Honestly I would just stay the fuck away from deer. I had this long conversation with an AI once about what would happen to mammalian life if multiple species could get it. The thing said one word and it sent chills up my spine. Extinction


mces97 t1_iwt04d2 wrote

Masks? Good luck on that. Antimaskers will hunt more deer, with no mask out of spite.


Memetic1 OP t1_iwtjizc wrote

Ya I'm sure that will happen. It's funny because now the deer can take revenge from the grave. Sorry for my gallows humor. The hunting community may get hit hard by this. Lots of white face on FacesOfCovid recently. They all look like republicans.


imgurNewtGingrinch t1_iwssi6n wrote

What about when you factor in fleas and parasites?


Memetic1 OP t1_iwsvne1 wrote

COVID isn't blood borne thankfully. I would try to protect myself from those, but I would be more worried about Lyme disease from ticks then COVID. Just wearing a mask and if you really want to take this seriously a face shield to stop splatter from inside the deers lungs. I would say when your first starting to gut it that would be the most hazardous period.