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cryptockus t1_iwut8cl wrote

covid is here to stay, people with vulnerable immune systems or other weakness will die from it and the next generation of humans will be stronger, so is the game of life, can we stop talking about covid and pretend we can stop this... the arrogance of mankind is huge here, to think we can somehow still make a difference by throwing money at the problem is a waste of energy and ressources


cryptockus t1_iwv8g4u wrote

breaking news, people die


Memetic1 OP t1_iwvf426 wrote

Are you afraid to look at their faces?


cryptockus t1_iwvk6jn wrote

no i clicked the link


Memetic1 OP t1_iwvmgpq wrote

How many did you actually look at? I look at them every single day. I almost died from this. I might have been a statistic to you. Respect for the dead shouldn't be hard. If your going to risk killing others then you owe them some of your time.