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Ocyanea t1_iwv1ron wrote

Banning hunting is a great way to let the disease spread through the deer population. Hunters do take diseases in wildlife seriously — just look at CWD. We already have testing centers for it — there’s no reason the testing centers can’t just do a COVID swab too, since they have the whole head.

The best way to handle this is to cull local herds, test, and not bait this year until we find out how much of a risk it is.


Zargabraath t1_iwwnn22 wrote

CWD is exactly why hunting should be banned until(or if) it is resolved

The more humans interact with deer the more likely it is that CWD can jump to humans. And that could be disastrous. The hunters can get a new hobby, the risk is too high. Just like the Wuhan wet market bat meat sellers can find a new job. We can’t keep letting 0.0000001% of the population endanger everyone else with this high risk stuff.


Ocyanea t1_iwwpvqy wrote

Hunting is the biggest form of population control for deer. Deer population has exploded from about half a million a hundred years ago to 30 million today — without hunting those numbers would be even worse. Overpopulation spreads disease. Cutting the population down is the best way to prevent the disease from spreading.

Most hunters I know who get deer in CWD positive zones get their deer tested before eating it. Most of them are old enough to remember mad cow disease and to not want to fuck with it.

Hunters in my state killed nearly 400,000 deer last year. Ban hunting and the deer population will absolutely explode.


Zargabraath t1_ix0n3qj wrote

or just allow the historical predators like wolves to recover and tell the ranchers to stop shooting them. that improves the environment across the board by the way, not just by controlling deer populations.

what do you think controlled deer populations for the 99% of the time that they've been on this planet that modern humans weren't around to hunt them?


Ocyanea t1_ix0q4oi wrote

Unfortunately, wolves aren’t going to hunt deer in populated areas. They aren’t as adaptable as coyotes are, whereas deer are perfectly content to hang out in the suburbs.

A lot of people hunt just a few miles from population centers. That’s not the sort of place wolves are going to thrive. Repopulating wolves might work in some very rural areas, but it’s not a solution for suburban and semi rural areas.