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[deleted] t1_ivurgx2 wrote

I wish they'd specify the app. I used to see casual calls for violence against The Jews on Facebook all the damned time, and reporting it never did a thing.

But I haven't been on Facebook in years, and I'm curious if they've started to bother pretending they care.


potatodog247 t1_ivuu1b3 wrote

I suspect they don’t share which one so they don’t lead more wackos to those apps/groups.


groveborn t1_ivw71hb wrote

Isn't it useful having all the terrorists in one place?


DJ_Moore_2 t1_ivv2j46 wrote

I just made an account after not having one for over a year (idk why) and nothing has changed.


mces97 t1_ivz7we4 wrote

Wanna know something crazy? I got put in Facebook jail twice last week. Still have some restrictions my account.

The first time was when someone was mad at Biden calling some MAGAs fascists. So I showed the photo at a Trump rally, and said it looks very very similar to (shows a photo of Nazi's in Germany doing the salute. 24 hours time out for "hate speech." For the Hilter Nazi photo. Not the maga one.

Then the 2nd time was even crazier. Someone was saying Kanye speaks truth and knows what he's doing.

So I replied, well Hitler made animal abuse a felony, and was a great orator. Orator just means someone is is able to give a good speech in front of a crowd. It doesn't mean you agree with the speech. Just someone is skilled at speaking. I followed that up with, but it doesn't mean he really had good traits.

Another 24 hours ban and can't go live or sell stuff for 60 days. Not that I care about those things.

So twice I said anti fascsist stuff, bad mouthed Hitler, and that is what was against Facebook's community standards. But I've been called a demonrat, baby killer, commie, 100s of times. And those comments still up. Facebook is weird. They have no community standards.


catchierlight t1_ivvklew wrote

This is my experience with both YouTube and Instagram but ive been reporting hateful disinformation not direct calls for violence... in other words it seems none of the comments or channels I've reported on YT and insta have been changed/taken down in any way shape or form


IHaveGreyPoupon t1_ivuvq7d wrote

Omar Alkattoul, the perpetrator, is an anti-Semite. His name deserves to be tied to his atrocious actions.


milkboxshow t1_ivux68n wrote

It doesn’t work that way. You’re just giving them a platform to inspire other idiots who also want to see their name in lights. Want to know the real reason school shooters are more of a thing in the USA then Germany? Because in Germany the press doesn’t publish the perpetrator’s name.


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivuy0za wrote

Yes. This is why in Germany shootings aren't a thing. No source, no other factors considered, no need to address the different laws in place, no explaining why other European countries have low numbers of shootings... nope, it's clearly just because of publishing the shooter's name. 🙄


[deleted] t1_ivv6awa wrote



BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivv7zv6 wrote

I never said it's not a problem in America. But holding up some random reason with no evidence isn't helpful. You might as well say Germany has less shootings because of spätzle.


N8CCRG OP t1_ivvf8ef wrote

I think the comment you just replied to was agreeing with you, assuming your initial comment was sarcastic (but on reddit it's hard to know).


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivvh9bo wrote

Yea, I was being highly sarcastic but I don't think the response was. I could be wrong - like you said, on reddit it's hard to know.


pegothejerk t1_ivuretp wrote

Another conservative religious extremist, of course.


fistedsister89 t1_ivvh0re wrote

I didn't see where it said he was conservative. It made it seem like he was just radical Islam


N8CCRG OP t1_ivvtxi5 wrote

Radical Islam isn't liberal, or moderate.


[deleted] t1_ivx3bns wrote



N8CCRG OP t1_ivx427v wrote

It is certainly true that it's far more likely to be a Christian doing something like this, but ultimately they're the same thing.


Thatguyxlii t1_ivwbkvv wrote

All religious extremism is conservative. Doesn't matter the religion.


Trompwnist t1_ivvdf10 wrote

Elevated amounts of antisemitic rhetoric distributed through social media via well known celebrity platforms surely has nothing to do with elevated amounts of antisemitic violence /s


illy-chan t1_ivww7ig wrote

> his planned attack was in retaliation for the 2019 mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand

... am I the only one wondering how a bunch of Jewish folks from New Jersey play into that...? Shouldn't he hate other white supremacists?


[deleted] t1_ivv0c00 wrote



Rotishery t1_ivxp784 wrote

He’s an 18 year old Muslim doing this in the name of Islam and Palestine against the “right wing ideology of the Jews”

It’s certainly possible he is left leaning


Amazing-Yam6514 t1_ivziv3f wrote

Yet the left doesn’t condone this kind of violence while the right does.