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BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivuy0za wrote

Yes. This is why in Germany shootings aren't a thing. No source, no other factors considered, no need to address the different laws in place, no explaining why other European countries have low numbers of shootings... nope, it's clearly just because of publishing the shooter's name. 🙄


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BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivv7zv6 wrote

I never said it's not a problem in America. But holding up some random reason with no evidence isn't helpful. You might as well say Germany has less shootings because of spätzle.


N8CCRG OP t1_ivvf8ef wrote

I think the comment you just replied to was agreeing with you, assuming your initial comment was sarcastic (but on reddit it's hard to know).


BobbyDropTableUsers t1_ivvh9bo wrote

Yea, I was being highly sarcastic but I don't think the response was. I could be wrong - like you said, on reddit it's hard to know.