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Its_Nitsua t1_iy5gjjh wrote

They don’t care.

I was too tall to sit in the back of a policecar, so they just threw me in sideways with my hands behind my back.

All for a bag of marijuana stems, weighing .02 grams.


bannana t1_iy6dzjb wrote

> They don’t care.

possibly or it was 100% intentional with the purpose to injure the occupant while driving erratically.


Jim3001 t1_iy5hc8r wrote

I wonder how many people got injured like this.


Rs90 t1_iy5ku2j wrote

"You can beat the rap but you can't beat the ride"

A lot


funkychicken23 t1_iy65u6e wrote

Genuinely curious, what were you planning to do with a bag of stems?


Its_Nitsua t1_iy6bu36 wrote

Nothing, was just leftover after smoking and forgot it was in my truck.