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crackhousebob t1_ixavesc wrote

Iran is an Islamic republic and condemns homosexuality, yet their secret police are raping men all the time??


Yorella3 t1_ixbvqaa wrote

A lot of it is psychological warfare in the sense that they emasculate the men and make them more "woman" like, thus weaker, by raping them. If you do some Googling, you will find this is very common in this culture. An example: Gaddafi was raped with a baton when he was captured by his captors.


[deleted] t1_ixc1auq wrote



Yorella3 t1_ixcjovu wrote

I remembered the reports saying that a baton was hanging out of his clothing, but I checked back, and you are correct. Those are images I can't unsee.


Teantis t1_ixd5cx8 wrote

In a lot of cultures around the world and throughout history you're not gay if you're the one doing the penetrating.


DawnSowrd t1_ixhu0x5 wrote

This kinda applies in Iran as well, the penetrating person gets prison or in some cases lashings according to law while the penetratee gets a death penalty. Of course this is the official law, there is alot of stuff that gets "officially " thrown under the rug like this post.


Teantis t1_ixhvf64 wrote

Yeah I didnt know what the mindset in Iran was so I didn't want to assume and just stuck to the general claim that I was sure of, but I suspected it would be that way.


arms98 t1_ixc5pfa wrote

Its not gay if you don't say gay


yehyo951 t1_ixcrmjb wrote

Didn’t they say a few years back that Iran has no homosexuals?


AnnaZand t1_ixctano wrote

It’s illegal to be gay in Iran. They have forced sex changes instead.


dogsent t1_ixahlhs wrote

Can we agree there is no religious authority for committing violent sexual assault?


WexfordHo t1_ixajdhg wrote

Or indeed any other authority, some things are inexcusable.


Snorf t1_ixcbeu2 wrote

I once had a discussing in an intro to philosophy course about the hierarchy of bad shit. There was a consensus that murder was the worst thing a person could commit, but i was willing to die on the hill that says rape is worst.


GWS2004 t1_ixcrpr6 wrote

Both murder and rape, take a life away. But I agree that rape is worse as the person is living every day with that trama. It doesn't end.


WexfordHo t1_ixda35e wrote

I don’t know about better or worse, but there are recognized and accepted reasons to end a human life; I cannot think of a single good reason for sexual violence under any circumstances.


Snorf t1_ixfzgrc wrote

This is exactly why i believe it's worse. There aren't any situations that would make raping someone the favorable outcome for all.


adon_bilivit t1_ixecn0i wrote

I think certain torture methods are worse (I have read about some and had nightmares). However, I don't feel like it's appropriate to discuss what's worse in front of victims. It's not supposed to be a competition.


thegodfather0504 t1_ixckyih wrote

I would say it depends on the brutality of the rape.

If rape is worse than murder than why does society not recognise male rape victims?


GWS2004 t1_ixcrjig wrote

They absolutely do recognize them. Please don't start with that divisive bullshit.


DearMrsLeading t1_ixj3y9m wrote

Men have done that to themselves and many still continue to do it. It should be recognized but it (often) isn’t and a large part of that is men minimizing the feelings of other men. You can’t have a conservative manly man culture that emphasizes strength without losing the ability to be vulnerable with each other.

Edit to say I’m referring to US culture specifically.


thegodfather0504 t1_ixj7j1i wrote

i don't buy that. It's illegal to assault or kill man. Why not rape?

Making laws is different than dealing with feelings. If women's rape is death worthy, men's rape should atleast be jail worthy.


DearMrsLeading t1_ixj8ybd wrote

I’m not going to assume what country you’re from or the laws there, I realize that I assumed you’re American for some reason, my bad.

The US generally doesn’t use the death penalty for rapists unless they also murdered the victim. Even then it’s not very common. The US has been slowly working to remove gendered language from our laws regarding sexual assault as well but it’s a long process that’s only partially completed. Conservative pushback about “being a man” is a large part of that problem, which was what I was referring to in my first comment.


DeNoodle t1_ixaxwfu wrote

I think we can all agree there shouldn't be.


Nonstampcollector777 t1_ixchjw5 wrote

I agree, I just listened to a podcast where the host has a woman on that said in Iran they have a religious shit bag say that it is halal to rape this woman for the next hour while she is in custody.


Ksh_667 t1_ixaygs3 wrote

Aren't these meant to be the "morality police" who are doing the rapes here. What a mess.


SeamusMcBalls t1_ixb4ftr wrote

It’s never been about morality, it was always about power.


Ksh_667 t1_ixb7g53 wrote

Oh yes I absolutely agree, it's just the hypocrisy is stunning.


prototype7 t1_ixbdfus wrote

Just like GOP who wants a Christian version of that for the USA


Ksh_667 t1_ixc7owt wrote

They claim to hate these "backwards heathens" but their aims & ideas are SO much closer than they'd have you believe. They WISH they could behave like them.


bullet312 t1_ixcyq05 wrote

Yeah but then again they don't know anything else but(t) rape and violence and to be obedient. I'm not surprised it escalated like that


probablynotmine t1_ixc1e95 wrote

This read made me sick.

Also: “women should wear headscarf so that men don’t sin with their thoughts. If they don’t, we risk to sin so let’s actually rape them to death, so we can live sin free.” Sure buddy.


Averiella t1_ixgma8w wrote

It’s worse than that. Girls can’t be executed in Iran. Unfortunately, culturally, once you’ve had sex (or been raped) you’re not a girl. Therefore they must rape girls and unmarried women so they can be executed. It’s been a norm for decades in Iranian prisons. To them it’s bonus points that some interpretations of Islam don’t allow these women into heaven as they died not virgins while unmarried. Virgins always go to heaven, so that must be stopped to them.


ommnian t1_ixgzff3 wrote

It's fucked up on Soo many levels.


MarketingFilms t1_ixal9m6 wrote

Because Allah looks the other way on same sex activity if it's being used as a tool of oppression?


BKStephens t1_ixam0kg wrote

All gods seem to look the other way as long as (insert horrific act) is being used as a tool of (insert correct religion).


NourFinn t1_ixaqe5h wrote

My solution is always nuke everyone and let whatever species survives the fallout take a go at it. Cuz lets be honest here, humans ain't it


ExoticWeapon t1_ixcibsr wrote

It doesn’t have to be nukes but there are contingencies. We need a reset.


thegodfather0504 t1_ixclbik wrote

they think of infidels as not humans and therefore fair game for anything.


Teantis t1_ixd5nf9 wrote

Your overall statement aside 'Infidels' isn't just "anybody they're against", it means unbelievers. if anything these protesters would be apostates if they want to go down that route.


Freexscsa t1_ixajz8b wrote

Every conservative shithole around the world just doing what they want.


Microwavegerbil t1_ixc0x0v wrote

The ol "You're gay for letting me rape you," line. A classic.


EvolvedCactus19 t1_ixcu2mj wrote

I feel physically I’ll after reading that. Shit like this is what makes me really hope there is a hell. Because eternal suffering is the only thing these fucks deserve. Fuck the Iranian government, fuck the ayatollah, and fuck every single supporter they have.


VetenSaurus t1_ixc2s9y wrote

They claim to follow islam, yet they go against everything of what it means to be muslim. If they meet their maker one beautiful day, I’m sure he won’t be pleased.


CometBoards t1_ixd3x0n wrote

Hate to say it, but peaceful protest isn’t gonna be enough this time.

Peaceful protest may work in places where the government isn’t likely to just kill you.

However, the Iranian people are gonna have to fight fire with fire.


Express-Drawing65 t1_ixctcle wrote

Basically they are saying that to preserve the moral structure of Iran, they must rape the people who disagree. Who else feels this is just a coverup for a corrupt system of limp dicked misogynists? How do you enforce a religious code of behaviour while raping in gods name.


The_Bridge_Imperium t1_ixdcfqh wrote

That's because it's not about gender, it's about religion and control


Malaix t1_ixdvgnq wrote

Sadly I don’t think many of us expected anything less from Iran. Learning their “morality” police use rape as a weapon against people they hate is not surprising at all.


gazagda t1_ixefsyw wrote

I wonder if they can pull a "south sudan" and have people create a safe part of their country for those wanting freedom


sugartoad555 t1_ixafnjn wrote

I would say bomb them back to the stone ages, but they appear to be there already.


xiconic t1_ixapx7y wrote

My god you sir are a genius!! Let's bomb the entire nation to punish the government for oppressing their people. What a marvelous idea, what people that are left alive after the bombings will surely crawl out of the rubble of what was once their homes and lives and thank us with open arms.

Do I really need to put /s for this one? Your comment makes me doubt your intelligence so maybe.


thegodfather0504 t1_ixcliap wrote

But first lets bomb your country first for taking away abortion rights from women,ethnic cleansing the natives and mass murdering blacks.