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Any-Environment-17 t1_iy613ua wrote

Look at his shirt too. Man wanted to get all his activism out there in one go. Very efficient protesting.


lokoston t1_iy6a4lp wrote

Well, I hope his life was worth it. He's never coming out of there alive.


roj2323 t1_iy72rcl wrote

It is too public in the eyes of the world for them to get away with that.

Edit: As predicted they released him.


LowestKey t1_iy7fbxh wrote

Russia and Saudi Arabia would like a word with you


roj2323 t1_iy7gcv1 wrote

Russia and Saudi Arabia aren't hosting a sporting event being watched potentially by billions of people. Qatar is.


Patralex t1_iy7sj1y wrote

I can already see the headline

“Local ruffian trips from an 8-story window” - Russian Times


Jimmyb3121 t1_iy7xlxe wrote


You know what the American government says to people going to middle eastern countries like Qatar? “If you get in trouble there, you’re on your own.” There is NOTHING that would stop Qatar from doing wtf they want with this dude.


JohnHwagi t1_iy8m6n5 wrote

The state department says that so people do less stupid shit. They generally still work to help Americans that are arrested for stuff that’s not a major crime in the US. This dude will probably just be held for a day or two and then deported by Qatar if he is American; the US has more military in Qatar than Qatar, and is most of the reason Qatar is still around.


Drake_Acheron t1_iye13dw wrote

What? This is the most ignorant comment ever. The DoD has recommended guidelines for every country you can travel to. They don’t sugarcoat the danger but they absolutely will make an effort to protect US citizens don’t be fkn dumb bro.


SeatKindly t1_iya1i4y wrote

Depends on his citizenship more than anything. Qatari peeps know better than to mess with American citizens directly.


lokoston t1_iydigso wrote

Just read. He was beaten by Qatari law and deported.


SeatKindly t1_iydttk4 wrote

Yeah that sounds like par the course for a foreign citizen breaking moral law while the global spotlight is on them.


Bodisia t1_iy6d2vi wrote

I just wish his shirt was mentioned in the headlines just as much as the pride flag was.


hubaloza t1_iy6duay wrote

Freedom is one war waged on many battlefields, every victory is cumulative, not held alone.


UnmeiX t1_iy6v0nk wrote

To be fair, the statements made by his shirt aren't as likely to get him jailed/executed as the statement made by the flag. I personally think it was the right choice of focus.


Intrepid_Method_ t1_iy76hxx wrote

It’s the anti-war pace flag (1961 version). Same theme as his shirt.


nowcalledcthulu t1_iy8zroz wrote

I think the Pride flag was more relevant to Qatar, unless Qatar is also on the bad side of the Ukrainian invasion as well.


BeltfedOne t1_iy5ylgt wrote

To be summarily beheaded tomorrow?


scillaren t1_iy7102t wrote

That’s KSA. The Qataris will just throw his ass in prison for the rest of his life.


5zepp t1_iy7xil8 wrote

Stop being hyperbolic, he's already been released.


5zepp t1_iy7xjk2 wrote

He's already been released.


Egmonks t1_iy5zruh wrote

That man is going to die. That’s a brave brave soul there.


5zepp t1_iy7xldg wrote

He's already been released Mr Hyperbole.


lokoston t1_iy6a7g4 wrote

What makes you think he's still alive.


5zepp t1_iy7xn0y wrote

The fact that he's already been released? Sheesh.


lokoston t1_iy8er8c wrote

Haven't seen that.


420ipblood t1_iy8ftfq wrote

You haven't looked either. Too busy shitposting on dramatic old news.


jorsiem t1_iy62p87 wrote

It didn't bring the game to a standstill, in my opinion that implies that the game stopped for a long time. It paused for about 30 seconds until he got tackled and removed. Most people didn't even realize what was happening as they cut away from him as they usually do because this is a common occurrence.


Thanos_Stomps t1_iy6lnc2 wrote

Standstill - situation or activity in which there is no activity or movement.

So like, a football match with no activity cause plays been stopped.


didntcondawnthat t1_iy6xari wrote

It is all over the news, though. Mission accomplished from that perspective.


Mirieste t1_iy6cpu0 wrote

Yeah, but this post, like many others, is meant for the average redditor who knows nothing about football, so they can imagine this is the worst World Cup ever while instead things are pretty much in the norm.

I've even seen people trying to argue that Qatar's elimination in the group stage somehow proves they shouldn't have gotten the right to host the tournament... so they mean like South Africa in 2010, huh?


SamShephardsMustache t1_iy6029n wrote

Lad musta been stoned.


[deleted] t1_iy6gtg5 wrote



Nerdlinger t1_iy6s8au wrote

Do you mean other than this submission? Because the linked story both shows the shirt and describes it.


didntcondawnthat t1_iy6x2vj wrote

The soccer forum has a post that shows it. Their subreddit doesn't show up on the front page. They opted out to stop people from getting game spoilers.


Supercoolguy7 t1_iy74scs wrote

I've seen several that show the back. In fact the first time I saw it the front wasn't shown


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_iy6luv3 wrote

And once again FIFA chooses hate


Nerdlinger t1_iy8a1te wrote

Find me a sports organization that lets people run freely on its fields of play.


dietmayhem t1_iy8cx34 wrote

That is so missing the point


Nerdlinger t1_iy8fe7h wrote

It's not missing the point at all. There is no sports organization that would allow someone to run freely on the field like that, yet that commenter (and you) are trying to paint this like it's a FIFA doing something wrong.

It's just flat out disingenuous. There's more than enough to criticize FIFA for, this isn't one of them.


Emoviolins t1_iy8gy06 wrote

Absolutely not missing the point, doesn't matter what flag he has or shirt he's wearing, running out on the field in a sport will usually get you arrested or banned, how many times do you see people get tackled by security and hauled off by the police in MLB and NFL games for doing the same thing


Nerdlinger t1_iy63qdk wrote

> brings World Cup game to a standstill

For about 90 seconds. I've seen longer delays with teams setting up free kicks.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_iy69it1 wrote

He is far better that the pussy teams and players during the tournament.


ursus_americanus_ t1_iy624pk wrote

I don’t believe that’s a pride flag. From what I’ve seen elsewhere its a peace flag.


Water-Donkey t1_iy6kq8b wrote

Yes, it's the Italian peace flag, or pace flag. It differs from the gay pride flag in several ways. First, it says "PACE" on it, "peace" in Italian, pronounced pah-chay. Second, it has an extra shade of blue the pride flag lacks. Third, the colors are inverted compared to the pride flag with the red at the bottom as opposed to the top. Fourth, and possibly not quite finally, the PACE flag was first produced in 1961, whereas the pride flag was first produced in 1978.

Lots of differences, but will a group of people who think women and members of the LGBTQ communities are second class citizens worthy only of breath if they shut up and/or stay in the closet their entire lives even care? Doubtful.


jjolla888 t1_iy7bft8 wrote

> pronounced pah-chay

As a Italian, hearing this would hurt my ears.

It's pronounced paah-che


Water-Donkey t1_iy7w4du wrote

I think we are probably pronouncing it similarly, our phonetics could be at odds, mine obviously incorrect in this case. Thank you for the clarification.


Ozryela t1_iy80vnq wrote

so what does it stand for? Peace, I presume. But that can mean many things.


pangolin-fucker t1_iy78r0z wrote

Wonder what happens in Qatar after rain fall and a rainbow naturally appears?


Rune_nic t1_iy7yt4e wrote

Good fuck the regieme in Qatar.


Mr_Bubblemer t1_iy9xob4 wrote

No game was brought to a standstill because of this, they got him out of the field real fast.


Drake_Acheron t1_iye1g1v wrote

It’s not a fkn pride flag. Omfg it’s a peace flag. OP or news org are either ignorant or lazy, probably both.


iggygrey t1_iy7y49f wrote

And they can't use their hands to catch him until he leaves the pitch. Thanks football gods.


Sidthelid66 t1_iy627ux wrote

Does the shirt mean he's superman or that superman is supposed to save Ukraine. I don't get why superman always has to do everything hard, let the guy rest every now and then.


Miffers t1_iy67w25 wrote

Best way to setback a cause.