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lokoston t1_iy6a4lp wrote

Well, I hope his life was worth it. He's never coming out of there alive.


roj2323 t1_iy72rcl wrote

It is too public in the eyes of the world for them to get away with that.

Edit: As predicted they released him.


LowestKey t1_iy7fbxh wrote

Russia and Saudi Arabia would like a word with you


roj2323 t1_iy7gcv1 wrote

Russia and Saudi Arabia aren't hosting a sporting event being watched potentially by billions of people. Qatar is.


Patralex t1_iy7sj1y wrote

I can already see the headline

“Local ruffian trips from an 8-story window” - Russian Times


Jimmyb3121 t1_iy7xlxe wrote


You know what the American government says to people going to middle eastern countries like Qatar? “If you get in trouble there, you’re on your own.” There is NOTHING that would stop Qatar from doing wtf they want with this dude.


JohnHwagi t1_iy8m6n5 wrote

The state department says that so people do less stupid shit. They generally still work to help Americans that are arrested for stuff that’s not a major crime in the US. This dude will probably just be held for a day or two and then deported by Qatar if he is American; the US has more military in Qatar than Qatar, and is most of the reason Qatar is still around.


Drake_Acheron t1_iye13dw wrote

What? This is the most ignorant comment ever. The DoD has recommended guidelines for every country you can travel to. They don’t sugarcoat the danger but they absolutely will make an effort to protect US citizens don’t be fkn dumb bro.


SeatKindly t1_iya1i4y wrote

Depends on his citizenship more than anything. Qatari peeps know better than to mess with American citizens directly.


lokoston t1_iydigso wrote

Just read. He was beaten by Qatari law and deported.


SeatKindly t1_iydttk4 wrote

Yeah that sounds like par the course for a foreign citizen breaking moral law while the global spotlight is on them.