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fritobugger t1_iwyifck wrote

What an insufferable douche


Extansion01 t1_iwywymr wrote

That's funnily enough only one of many dumb quotes from the speech. There are also gems like Europe should apologize before handing out criticism over slavery for the next 3000 years and Western companies take money from Qatari too, so what's the matter when FIFA does it and my personal favourite, mainly used by intellectual dumpsters like India: Hypocrisy of the West.


DRSU1993 t1_iwz56zp wrote

No you don’t get it, when he was a child he was bullied for having red hair and freckles. He completely understands what it’s like to be persecuted as an LGBTQ+ person in Qatar. The “G” stands for ginger after all!


dotnetdotcom t1_ix099iz wrote

"I feel like a migrant worker, but I sound like an insufferable douche!"


Arnstone t1_iwyix48 wrote

"I feel the weight of a few million extra dollars in my pockets"


zsreport t1_iwzj66y wrote

The pockets of my very expensive bespoke suit.


datanas t1_iwyjfmw wrote

>You want to criticise. You can crucify me. I’m here for that.

Challenge accepted, you walking PR disaster. JFC.


MageLocusta t1_iwysa8q wrote

I'd like to point out that like in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Dubai--most migrant workers in Qatar aren't allowed in public spaces like shopping centers and malls.

I'd like to see this idiot sit in a non-air conditioned room with 8 other guys, work in manual labor, and watch as people drive around to enjoy cinemas, marble-floored food courts and swimming pools. While knowing that even if he showered and put on his best shirt and set foot in those places, the security guards would immediately order him to leave.


Kriztauf t1_iwz77in wrote

According to him, Europe is really the assholes for not offering a similar system for them. Europe needs to apologize for the next 3,000 years for slavery but are also pieces of shit for not reintroducing slavery


modularpeak2552 t1_iwyjmqa wrote

i will say it was quite impressive he was able to make it up to the podium with all that qatari blood money weighing his pockets down.


Jackinthelacks t1_iwyr4rr wrote

He just borrowed some Qatari slaves to help push him up there. I'd say bought but he doesn't strike me as the type that buys things if he can get it for free....


Odd_Copy_8077 t1_iwyk24x wrote

Boycott this World Cup.

The power is in your hands.


Zen1 t1_ix94lw2 wrote

My boycott would be meaningless because I was never planning to watch it


2SP00KY4ME t1_ix0z31m wrote

Much too late, first game is already tomorrow. After Qatar pulled their alcohol reversal it became obvious they timed it for when it was too late for people to cancel and refund.


Bothand_Nether t1_iwypl2j wrote

except you are still alive.

unlike six thousand-five hundred of the poor sob's that built your failed profit engine


limutwit t1_iwyiizq wrote

Someone kick that ball at his face


SwayzeOfArabia t1_iwymlb6 wrote

Surprise: Man named Infantino acts like a cry baby.


Mr_Vacant t1_iwykbxd wrote

So he'd have been OK with apartheid South Africa hosting the 1982 World Cup?


xiconic t1_iwyt23p wrote

If people would actually attend I'm sure he would be okay with North Korea hosting the world Cup.


albatroopa t1_iwzor47 wrote

The terrible part is that people would attend.


xiconic t1_ix0v10a wrote

This is the reason I hate football. Its organisations cause huge human suffering across the world because their bribes are more important. They lavish footballers with ungodly sums of money, quite a lot of them then turn out to be rapists. Then the fans cause endless destruction with rioting, not even because their team lost half the time, just because its expected of football fans now so hey why not?


fkmeamaraight t1_ix0ets7 wrote

I mean he was bullied for having red hair, so he totally understands what black and brown people went through in apartheid South Africa.


Ksh_667 t1_ix1hgkp wrote

Well he managed to sort the red hair problem out didn't he.


Synaps4 t1_iwyidqw wrote

Technically he said "I feel a migrant worker" which is ....significantly different.


MississippiJoel t1_iwz46p1 wrote

"Because this chair won't behave! It's going to lose some hands later for not practicing before I got here!"


isaacals t1_iwytla8 wrote

Can someone give tl;dr? I watched first 20 seconds of the press and he keep saying 'I feel this I feel that'. How hard is it to make a point across, I don't have time for interpreting crap poetry.


sugar_addict002 t1_iwzszfg wrote

What an arrogant entitled prick. Folks should stop participating in these corrupt enterprises. FIFA World Cup Olympics...they are all corrupted. Quit participating in their corruption.


shiftyjku t1_iwzh0re wrote

Proof of someone who has no idea what the life of migrant workers is like.


capt_fantastic t1_iwzhgrz wrote

conveniently sidesteps migrant worker abuse deaths in his rant.


Plinythemelder t1_iwymvwv wrote

I don't watch kickball, I don't even really know anything about the world cup. But god DAMN this has gotta be up there with the dumbest words uttered in history.


ekkidee t1_iwzrmpv wrote

"I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the noise of the truck backing up to offload our bribe money."

-- G. Infantino


Aggravating_Head_60 t1_ix0hrxn wrote

So he stopped feeling gay? Or does he feel like a gay migrant worker now?


StifleStrife t1_ix0t5x7 wrote

Never suffer lectures from men who have sold others into a fate they wouldn't last a minute in.


[deleted] t1_iwz0gsu wrote

Hey, he's rich -- he can get booze or a migrant worker in Qatar real easy, if he asks around.

FIFA is such trash that I'm sure they've already decided which team the refs will let win. The World Cup is way below Eurovision.


Sgt-Spliff t1_iwz3d5x wrote

You know the best way to make up for slavery in your past? Not doing it anymore. That's what we did


Textification t1_iwzov74 wrote

Dig deeper. You haven't reached six feet, yet. THEN you'll know what a migrant worker in Quatar feels like.


XeLLoTAth777 t1_ix0o0uy wrote

.....this is some 4D chess move that Im not understanding.....

.....its so removed from reality it has to be true: Infantino is is a migrant from Hell, and his temporary Earth-Visa allows him to work for FIFA.

Makes sense, now.


irkli t1_ix0rlq3 wrote

Rich fucks are the worst whiners.


notallowedin t1_ix173se wrote

This idiot hasn’t felt like a migrant worker a day in his cushy little life.


xc2215x t1_iwywlfh wrote

Quite the out of touch thing to say.


kraenk12 t1_iwyxuoe wrote

What a disgusting person.


bradford68 t1_iwzcm96 wrote

Just wait until Budweiser starts to bully him over millions of dollars.


sex t1_ix0lfcs wrote

That would require him to think about migrant workers' feelings, which we all know he hasn't.


gizmozed t1_iwyxewc wrote

I think I feel dizzy from reading all that spin.


campelm t1_iwz1375 wrote

This is like a guy being criticized for eating Veal complaining about being trapped in a metaphorical box.


anadams t1_iwzk6iv wrote

Deny, deflect, and distract. Qatar paid for good PR and the man is delivering.


BrahimBug t1_iwzozyr wrote

Doss he? Imagine if he was actually treated like a migrant-worker, then he would feel like a slave


doughmang7d7 t1_ix0k401 wrote

Lmao didn’t he also just say he feels gay?


Heretek007 t1_ix10kyh wrote

He says that like it's a dirty word, but he wishes he had half the average migrant worker's work ethic.


TheGrandExquisitor t1_ix40sc4 wrote

Somewhere there is a gay, ginger, refugee who is going "REALLY?!?!"


doddballer t1_ix9efyc wrote

His pockets are lined well enough…


Boon-Lord t1_iwzotc9 wrote

“I think for what we Europeans have been doing the last 3,000 years we should be apologising for the next 3,000 years before starting to give moral lessons to people.””

Yo this guy is based as hell.


Ed_Durr t1_ix1cejj wrote

How about we worry about the human rights abuses happening right now, rather than torturing ourselves over what our ancestors did?