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alexxerth t1_j0i0f0m wrote

They're less violent if you get them neutered (or spayed i imagine, I'm not actually sure it effects females the same way) before puberty.

The problem is they are smart, they are curious, and they like to dig. So even with them being less violent, they will still destroy everything. They will dig into dry wall. They will get into all your cabinets. They view baby locks as a challenge and will get through them. There is no way to realistically secure all of your belongings in a way that isn't incredibly inconvenient for you.

If they grab something they don't recognize, they will try to wash it. It gives them better tactile feedback and they use their hands to identify things. This includes any electronics.

They are very hard to keep healthy. They are frequently overfed and it's hard to give them proper exercise.


jigokubi t1_j0id2c4 wrote

>If they grab something they don't recognize, they will try to wash it.

I can't help but picture a raccoon trying to work the taps on a sink.


RationalLies t1_j0kk5au wrote

There's a reason why so many languages call raccoons "wash bears".

In fact, most of the world actually has a name for raccoon that literally translates to "wash bear". English and French are more unique in that it doesn't reference that name.


somefool t1_j0k9s74 wrote

Why use the sink when toilets are available?


jigokubi t1_j0mrrfo wrote

Because the toilet is for the cat to drink out of.


Blenderx06 t1_j0igznu wrote

Isn't it illegal to keep North American native species as pets to begin with?


alexxerth t1_j0ihivg wrote

It's legal to have a pet raccoon in 14 states.


shfiven t1_j0isdjm wrote

I don't really know why anyone would want to keep NA native species as a pets. To my knowledge there are no animals native to north America that have been domesticated, so by default you are keeping a wild animal. For example, I love my bunnies, and I think the little cottontails who live here are adorable, but they aren't the same. As a more drastic example, I also love my cat but can't imagine keeping a mountain lion as a "pet".


hepakrese t1_j0itq9r wrote

When I was a child, one of my elementary school friend's parents had a bobcat cub as a pet. The arrangement didn't last long.


Ok-Chart1485 t1_j0ilqlr wrote

Some states bar ownership of locally native animals, but many have more lax rules


mokutou t1_j0je99i wrote

They also carry a nasty parasite that can make humans incredibly sick.


73ld4 t1_j0joh0u wrote

The problem is people who want to keep wild animals as pets .