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Almostdonehere74 OP t1_j1bp90h wrote

I've been checking for updates a few times a day. Was really hoping for a happy ending to this. I am so glad he was recovered safe.


KStarSparkleDust t1_j1dui51 wrote

Look up the TikTok videos from the women who got the lady arrested and later found the baby too. Seems like Indy police really dropped the ball. They practically had to beg the police to arrest her. Called and reported her location (and on going crimes) repeatedly with no response. Finally had to swerve on the highway to get pulled over with her. Then had to wave a phone infront of the police’s face with the Amber Alert on it. At one point the woman asked “what do we need to do to get her arrested. Do I need to bring her to the police station at gun point”.

Absolutely wild the amount of work it took to get a police response to the abductor in an active Amber Alert.