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MagicalJunicorn t1_j1bq21u wrote

Grown ass men are allowed to have emotions and cry.


3rdeyeopenwide t1_j1cws4a wrote

AND we’re allowed to cry for reasons we don’t fully understand. This baby story does not make me cry. I’m happy reading this but not moved to tears happy. I cry streams of tears when videos surface of children’s reading their adoption papers to their new parents. I cry a single tear at the end result of those stray dog rehab videos. Content is emotionally charged differently for different people. For me it’s gratitude because maybe I feel like that’s missing from my own life. Big displays of gratitude rip me open. Normalize men understanding and allowing their emotions to breathe.


Pseudonym0101 t1_j1e44cs wrote

The video where they surprise the dad with special glasses that let him see color for the first time was amazing in this way. Also videos of hearing impaired babies getting hearing aids for the first time.