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alex3omg t1_j1c5s2r wrote

I wonder if he'd had a meal or a diaper change since he was taken on Monday night. That's a long time, hopefully he wasn't just strapped into the seat the entire time. Poor little guy. Glad he's at the hospital and his parents are with him.


FuzzyKittenIsFuzzy t1_j1c9d5g wrote

He is pictured awake/conscious so he must have been given liquids during the three days. Hopefully he wasn't neglected and the suspect just wanted to play mommy for a while.


KStarSparkleDust t1_j1dttec wrote

Updates say they believe he was in the car for the two days. His kidnapper was staying in a crackhouse. The women who found her reported on TikTok that she told them she was high on Percocet the morning she was arrested.


pichael288 t1_j1cbh0j wrote

I live in the area. It wasn't ridiculously cold that night, but still cold enough to kill a baby. The other one was left in the airport parking lot I believe. The amber alert didn't go untill like 3am, like 5 hours after it happened. They were really behind on this one, usually they are on it. About the only thing the cops are ever on here.


bunnylover726 t1_j1d22d6 wrote

One twin was left in an airport parking lot in Dayton and the other was found in Indianapolis. Those cities aren't super far apart (2 hour drive), but still that's a long way apart when looking for a lost child.


Sexy_Senior t1_j1f7apc wrote

The family said that the first baby seemed as if he had been fed when they found him. There were some supplies in the car when it was taken. Unfortunately, it does sound like he was in the car the whole time. I'm just glad he's safe as a local myself. Everyone was so worried about her dropping the baby somewhere and not telling anyone.