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beanjuiced t1_j1c7n2o wrote

Could you imagine hopping into a running car thinking it was an easy steal and finding out you also snagged two babies?! I can’t believe she seemingly just dropped one off at the airport? Like what the fuck?? Then drove around for 3 days with the other?!?! This is SUCH a strange story.


fabulousphotos t1_j1cacyx wrote

My parents think it’s suspicious too. I’m just glad they’re safe


Pseudonym0101 t1_j1e4989 wrote

Suspicious in what way


CinemaAudioNovice t1_j1e7qn7 wrote

They kept one baby longer for some reason, why?


Pseudonym0101 t1_j1e8y4s wrote

Just curious what the suspicion would be. What would keeping one baby longer mean?


MotherSpirit t1_j1ekea7 wrote

Wanting to kidnap it. Or find a way to sell it to some desperate unaware family.


beanjuiced t1_j1dq1et wrote

Same!! Gosh darn Christmas miracle right there!


mokutou t1_j1f2bud wrote

There is something strange (to say the least) about a woman who randomly opts to jack a vehicle, act weirdly in gas stations while asking for money, then wind up in another state in a crack den. She is likely mentally ill with deep substance abuse issues. Trying to assign reason to her actions is probably going to be disappointing.