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chuldana t1_j1d60xh wrote

Either way, society shits on you. I wish we could collectively agree that help first is the way to go. If you see a kid is wearing dirty clothes - instead of saying how shitty the parents are, how about help the kid and the parents by providing new clothes asking if they need laundry help. Instead of yelling at moms who leave their X years old home alone, provide free childcare somewhere because I doubt she wants to work 9 hours for 6 of those hours to go to childcare much less chose to leave the kid if she didn't have to. We have collectively forgotten what a society is for because everyone is so selfish.


VerticalYea t1_j1f1gjs wrote

A lot of us have chosen not to have kids because it is too expensive. So it is a little frustrating to see people just Leeroy Jenkins their way into parenthood and then expect everyone else to pay for the kids.


gointothiscloset t1_j1fjss1 wrote

Sometimes people have kids first and then things fall apart.

Other times, for example in Ohio, they literally can't access abortion.


VerticalYea t1_j1fl4mw wrote

That's fair. Religious extremists have messed things up pretty badly.