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mewehesheflee t1_j1baty0 wrote

This is such wonderful news. I know the parents must be relieved.


TheClayroo t1_j1bckkx wrote

Oh that's great news. No judgment to the mom. If you're doing Door Dash with your kids I know you're desperate and stuck, and doing it for them. She'll never do it again.


MitsyEyedMourning t1_j1bghxg wrote

Grown ass man tearing up. So happy for the mother and family, really makes the holiday. Kudos to all the police, agents and everyone else who hunted them out.


Canadian_Pacer t1_j1bm1ws wrote

Omfg, thank god, i was really emotionally invested in this outcome!


Ohnonotuto4 t1_j1bmeqh wrote

So, where we all holding our breath. Thank god or whoever you pray to….


Almostdonehere74 OP t1_j1bp90h wrote

I've been checking for updates a few times a day. Was really hoping for a happy ending to this. I am so glad he was recovered safe.


ElluxFuror t1_j1bv1on wrote

What a clear and complete positive title! Refreshing.


Punawild t1_j1bwgxs wrote

Oh wow, for once good news!


Sudden_One_3623 t1_j1bz990 wrote

I literally let out a huge sigh of relief when I read the headline


kirbygay t1_j1c1d0c wrote

Oh the relief. So happy the precious baby is home safe for Christmas


financequestionsacct t1_j1c2eis wrote

I once dreamt I was pregnant with a baby boy and he'd be born in winter and come home in a Christmas stocking. I found out the next week I was pregnant with a boy and due Christmas, and sure enough the hospital put him in a sweet little red stocking. So maybe twins are in your future! Wishing you the best of luck for whichever outcome you'd prefer.


alex3omg t1_j1c5s2r wrote

I wonder if he'd had a meal or a diaper change since he was taken on Monday night. That's a long time, hopefully he wasn't just strapped into the seat the entire time. Poor little guy. Glad he's at the hospital and his parents are with him.


beanjuiced t1_j1c7n2o wrote

Could you imagine hopping into a running car thinking it was an easy steal and finding out you also snagged two babies?! I can’t believe she seemingly just dropped one off at the airport? Like what the fuck?? Then drove around for 3 days with the other?!?! This is SUCH a strange story.


pichael288 t1_j1cbh0j wrote

I live in the area. It wasn't ridiculously cold that night, but still cold enough to kill a baby. The other one was left in the airport parking lot I believe. The amber alert didn't go untill like 3am, like 5 hours after it happened. They were really behind on this one, usually they are on it. About the only thing the cops are ever on here.


KarthusWins t1_j1cdxut wrote

There is no way that the thief changed that baby's diaper during this period of time...


Bodycount9 t1_j1ch223 wrote

What is really amazing is if I read the story correctly, the baby was in the car at the papa johns parking lot for two days and still survived. I didn't read that in this new story, it was another story about this.


overlordpotatoe t1_j1cla58 wrote

Maybe, but it's one of those things that most people would think nothing of until something like this happens to them. She was doing Door Dash, so I assume she was close to the vehicle and gone for a very short period of time.


meatball77 t1_j1cpoft wrote

I can't see how that could be with them saying the baby is just fine and is just being taken to the hospital to be checked out. A toddler strapped into a car seat for two days wouldn't be just fine and only need to be monitored, it would need medical attention.


Bodycount9 t1_j1crj6x wrote

>Indianapolis police told WXIN/WTTV that the missing car had been parked in a Papa John’s parking lot for around two days with Kason inside. Officers were eating at a nearby restaurant Thursday evening when a woman ran in to tell them there was a baby in the car.


routerg0d t1_j1ctmia wrote

Wow. Christmas Miracle. I was worried she dumped him somewhere and this cold would get him.


3rdeyeopenwide t1_j1cws4a wrote

AND we’re allowed to cry for reasons we don’t fully understand. This baby story does not make me cry. I’m happy reading this but not moved to tears happy. I cry streams of tears when videos surface of children’s reading their adoption papers to their new parents. I cry a single tear at the end result of those stray dog rehab videos. Content is emotionally charged differently for different people. For me it’s gratitude because maybe I feel like that’s missing from my own life. Big displays of gratitude rip me open. Normalize men understanding and allowing their emotions to breathe.


Smarterthanthat t1_j1d1yua wrote

Wonder if there's a gofundme to help her get appropriate childcare. Poor young woman, just doing the best she can, I'm sure...


bunnylover726 t1_j1d22d6 wrote

One twin was left in an airport parking lot in Dayton and the other was found in Indianapolis. Those cities aren't super far apart (2 hour drive), but still that's a long way apart when looking for a lost child.


ripyourlungsdave t1_j1d2ftq wrote

I hadn't even heard about this child going missing and my heart still jumped for Joy when I read this headline.


Almostdonehere74 OP t1_j1d2gj0 wrote

What a sweet thought! I hope someone that she knows thinks to do that for her. It has saddened me to see so many people dragging her for what happened. There is a lot of apparently perfect parents out there, judging by the dragging that she's been taking.


HowDareUu t1_j1d3ds8 wrote

Same people bitching about her leaving kids in the car would be the same people bitching that she’s on welfare and not working. It’s a no-win situation for her. Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and helps her land solid employment. She’s obviously a hard worker and dedicated mom.


chuldana t1_j1d60xh wrote

Either way, society shits on you. I wish we could collectively agree that help first is the way to go. If you see a kid is wearing dirty clothes - instead of saying how shitty the parents are, how about help the kid and the parents by providing new clothes asking if they need laundry help. Instead of yelling at moms who leave their X years old home alone, provide free childcare somewhere because I doubt she wants to work 9 hours for 6 of those hours to go to childcare much less chose to leave the kid if she didn't have to. We have collectively forgotten what a society is for because everyone is so selfish.


x0rn t1_j1dlm3m wrote

Ohio so bad the infants walking out.


easilyamusedpangolin t1_j1dndpp wrote

Seeing the baby snuggling in the arms of the policeman. Seeing the baby safe and held and warm and found, brought a tear. Not gonna to lie.


KStarSparkleDust t1_j1dui51 wrote

Look up the TikTok videos from the women who got the lady arrested and later found the baby too. Seems like Indy police really dropped the ball. They practically had to beg the police to arrest her. Called and reported her location (and on going crimes) repeatedly with no response. Finally had to swerve on the highway to get pulled over with her. Then had to wave a phone infront of the police’s face with the Amber Alert on it. At one point the woman asked “what do we need to do to get her arrested. Do I need to bring her to the police station at gun point”.

Absolutely wild the amount of work it took to get a police response to the abductor in an active Amber Alert.


mokutou t1_j1e8w2v wrote

I actually breathed a sigh of relief. I was terrified that the poor baby had died from neglect or worse.


wtwwc t1_j1eyjqz wrote

In time for Christmas. I hope the family heals from this trauma without too much trouble


VerticalYea t1_j1f1gjs wrote

A lot of us have chosen not to have kids because it is too expensive. So it is a little frustrating to see people just Leeroy Jenkins their way into parenthood and then expect everyone else to pay for the kids.


mokutou t1_j1f2bud wrote

There is something strange (to say the least) about a woman who randomly opts to jack a vehicle, act weirdly in gas stations while asking for money, then wind up in another state in a crack den. She is likely mentally ill with deep substance abuse issues. Trying to assign reason to her actions is probably going to be disappointing.


Sexy_Senior t1_j1f7apc wrote

The family said that the first baby seemed as if he had been fed when they found him. There were some supplies in the car when it was taken. Unfortunately, it does sound like he was in the car the whole time. I'm just glad he's safe as a local myself. Everyone was so worried about her dropping the baby somewhere and not telling anyone.


pumpkinpatch1982 t1_j1fwqac wrote

that family is getting the best news right before Christmas.


Ryrienatwo t1_j1i0yv9 wrote

Thank goodness, both children were found safe.