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grateful_american t1_j0sjj65 wrote

This would be so funny if it was the same iguana each time. You just see him standing next to the power station smoking a cigarette.


SuddenlyElga t1_j0uwh6u wrote

We were playing pickleball a couple of weeks ago (hold for laughter) and an iguana climbed down the fence onto the court. It slowly walked across the court and stopped.

It then looked over its shoulder right at us and squeezed out a massive pile of shit WHILE LOOKING AT US THE WHOLE TIME.

Then this Motherfucker just slowly walks back to the fence and up and out.


ziburinis t1_j0uypt0 wrote

I've had an iguana. They prefer to shit on the ground rather than where they spend most of their time, which is in trees.


Malrottian t1_j0ucypl wrote

Dragged off in cuffs, chatting with the arresting officers.

"Good to see you, Richards. Kids doing alright?"


SuperGameTheory t1_j0vfgtr wrote

"Yeah, me and ol' Betsy over here...looks lovingly over shoulder, takes a drag...I don't know what you'd call it, but she makes me happy."


usrevenge t1_j0tfryo wrote

Eh they are causing these issues because they are shorting the lines.

Odds of surviving that have to be low.

Birds don't have this issue because they only sit on 1 line. If they could hypothetically reach over to one of the other lines you would have fried bird


Jim_from_GA t1_j0u65ux wrote

Florida Iguana! This is the problem with letting aliens into the classroom. This one probably took electrical engineering technician courses and has turned to nefarious pursuits since it is so hard for undocumented workers to get jobs in Florida anymore.