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MiloGoesToTheFatFarm t1_iyi3cvr wrote

After all the rate hikes, it would be pretty concerning if there was no progress.


ScientistNo906 t1_iyiu7i5 wrote

I can see why they like that measure, stripping out food must do wonders for the inflation number. Just got back from the grocery store - the price of eggs is up 900% from what it was last year!

Maybe they could get creative, keep the price the same but only put 1 1/2 eggs in each carton! We'll never know the difference. /s


Bad-Infinite t1_iyj8oom wrote

900%? So a $2 carton of eggs last year is $18 now???


ScientistNo906 t1_iyjp6bk wrote

More like a $0.44 carton of eggs is now $4.40. Admittedly, 44 cents was unusually low but $4.40 for the same thing was a shocker.


Bad-Infinite t1_iyjprt3 wrote

Not saying I don't believe you, but that seems awfully low/high. I was buying eggs at Trader Joe's for $3.50/dozen last year, they've been close to that price for past 6 or 7 years. Those same eggs are around $4.50/dozen now.


swheels125 t1_iyljxhg wrote

Where the hell do you live that a dozen eggs was $.44 even before the pandemic? Around $3-$4 is pretty standard where Iā€™m from and is now up to about $6. 900% would have me paying $27-$36 per dozen eggs, which obviously would be pretty insane.


ScientistNo906 t1_iymafgy wrote

Port Huron, MI. We have an Aldi and I was surprised by how low the price was myself. You know how some people open up the carton to check if eggs are broken? I didn't bother, who cares if one or two are broke at that price? It didn't last though, and prices keep moving up.


reflect-the-sun t1_iyjb6tc wrote

They pick and choose which items are considered to ensure this is the lowest possible figure.

It's blatant manipulation to keep us ignorant of the shitstorm we are in.


sticksnXnbones t1_iyn4d9o wrote

Lets us reduce inflation percentage increases by excluding food and energy in our study/survey šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜…


justforthearticles20 t1_iyigrcd wrote

Since the "Fed" wants employee wages gutted, they will switch to another indicator that fits their agenda.


reflect-the-sun t1_iyjb9lf wrote

You're exactly right.

It's likely you're being downvoted by bots. Or morons.


vexpopped t1_iyhsyf7 wrote

When gas has dropped to 3 dollars a gallon it seems like a lot of things dropped right after the election.


Al3rtROFL t1_iyii26k wrote

OPEC and US oil industry are incentivized to have as few employees as possible for a profit.


turd_vinegar t1_iyhu06j wrote

The Demon crats must have manipulated the entire world demand for oil in order to squeak out an almost-victory in the Senate and loss in the House.

Or was it the Republicunts who controlled the entire world demand for oil?

Edit: /s you dense fucks


Politoed6 t1_iyj3q4r wrote

I've seen this type of comment made unironically too many times to count, it's sad to say but it's not obvious sarcasm these days