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Flip86 t1_j0vsnwx wrote

How does a man who killed his son get mistakenly released? Whoever is responsible for this needs to lose their job and never ever work in the correctional system again.


ack154 t1_j0worya wrote

> How does a man who killed his son get mistakenly released?

"Hey, uh... I'm actually supposed to be getting out of jail, not going back in."
"You're supposed to be in that line, dumbass."
"Hey guys, let that dumbass out!"


Staticoli t1_j17rv98 wrote

Hey man thanks, I'm that idiot that purchased the movie just to watch episodes of "kick my balls" and enjoy my burgers. I'm going to watch it for my 4rth time tonight. Not tonight but you know what I mean. Fourth time in my lifetime. Tonight. Actually it's going to be the 5th


tetoffens t1_j0vv967 wrote

Found this in another article. Human error, checked the wrong box:

> Stacy Worthington, Director of Court Services, explained how that could have happened.

>"Currently, we have e-filing system. So, most of our filings are done electronically...and so when that is filed, then the user has two options, they can select a sheriff version, or a non-sheriff version...and so in this instance, it was not identified as a sheriff, criminal disposition sheet, and therefore, it didn't route to the sheriff's updating releasing unit," Worthington said.


SnooHesitations8174 t1_j0xl8pu wrote

So idiocracy in real life. Starting to think that movie is a documentary from the future


TopDeckHero420 t1_j0vvbdx wrote

>Johnson was released from jail because of "human error," a Franklin County judge said, according to ABC News Columbus affiliate WSYX.

Time to let the robots handle jail.


420ipblood t1_j0x782m wrote

It would no doubt result in better conditions for prisoners


pheisenberg t1_j0xd67s wrote

Mistakes are inevitable. My question is, what was their system and was it designed to catch human errors? Do they have a reliability target? Performance incentives?


Grandmaw_Seizure t1_j0yzdgl wrote

> was it designed to catch human errors?

"Are you sure you want to unleash this monster upon the world?" and then your options are either Continue or Cancel.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_j0vsutw wrote

Corporate prisons...


AudibleNod OP t1_j0vu2pu wrote

The jail doesn't appear to be privately run.


SsiSsiSsiSsi t1_j0vu951 wrote

Generally speaking the people talking about private prisons have little idea of what they’re talking about; a lot of that has changed, and only about 14% of inmates are in private hands, and that number is falling.

BUT it was a talking point years ago, and people are slow to catch up.


AudibleNod OP t1_j0vv1a9 wrote

I've noticed that.

It also doesn't absolve responsibility on the part of government. Prisoners are still 'wards of the state' regardless of who's directly running the thing.


riptide81 t1_j0w0npv wrote

That cuts both ways as significant portions of day to day operations have been privatized so there is still an industry and lobbying. Some people use the statistic of completely privately run prisons to hand wave away the issue.

(Obviously, it doesn’t apply to this particular muck up)


Thr0waway3691215 t1_j0xn5e7 wrote

Yeah, now they just privatize all the really profitable prison services like phone calls and commissary. They let the state handle the unprofitable stuff like incarceration.